Through these goals, it aims to propel itself as a flagship university of the Incheon region, and ultimately of Northeast Asia, university officials said. -Korea Herald/ANN
80 per cent of China's rich have plans to send their children abroad for studies, the highest percentage in the world. -China Daily/ANN
Intake now 1,700, but A-level holders need at least an A and 2 Bs. -ST
The woman often described as the founding mother of social work in Singapore. -ST
Fukuoka Women's University was the only public institution in the area to offer the course, and the young man could not afford to apply to a private college, the Asahi reported. -AFP
Come January, Qiaonan's 81-year-old name will disappear when it merges with its neighbour, Griffiths Primary, to form the new Angsana Primary. -ST
Qiaonan and Griffiths hold plenty of history and memories for former staff and pupils. -ST
The "write" way to teach children Chinese may be the wrong way. -ST
With so many taking the exam - and so many scoring highly - one small error can put a student on the wrong side of the extremely thin cut-off line for a top university. -AFP
66.4 per cent make it to Express stream, close to last year's record 66.7 per cent. -ST