With so many taking the exam - and so many scoring highly - one small error can put a student on the wrong side of the extremely thin cut-off line for a top university. -AFP
66.4 per cent make it to Express stream, close to last year's record 66.7 per cent. -ST
Liberal arts college will continue to boost intake at Dover Road campus. -ST
Pupils and parents have until 3pm on Thursday, Nov 27, to submit their secondary school choices, either to their school or online. -AsiaOne
A primary school teacher who dragged an 11-year-old boy with behavioural issues out of class was ordered to do 60 hours of community service. -My Paper
Eight dogs, including toy poodles and golden retrievers, had the chance to play with 40 stressed undergraduates from NUS. -AsiaOne
Ministry of Education may want to consider introducing pilot programme to neighbourhood schools to gauge response. -ST
Students win awards for photos of environmental conservation from this year's Green Carpet Awards, held at Fusionopolis. -ST
Customised circuit designs could be printed using new method for as little as 10 cents a sheet, quickly, and on a large scale. -ST
Poly pays tribute to pioneer staff who attains PhD in education at 65. -TNP