Despite being from a single parent home, Charmaine Chee never felt she lacked anything. -TNP
The government scholarship system needs some tweaking if it's not to lose its allure. -ST
They will be rated on performance, intake of low-income students, affordability, employment prospects and student loan repayment. -Reuters
Manipur will soon have two more universities and Bills for setting them up will be introduced in the Assembly from Dec 18. -tabla!
74.6 per cent of N(A) students qualified for Secondary 5 as compared to only 72.8 per cent last year. -AsiaOne
The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund helps him pursue badminton, which has changed him for the better. -TNP
Software company Pivotal and IT firm EMC Computer Systems have partnered Temasek Polytechnic to launch the TP-Pivotal Data Science Academy. -AsiaOne
As young Chinese children head abroad to study, many anxious parents are opting to move with them, but some experts say the trend is a double-edged sword. -China Daily/ANN
Ms Francesca Wah, 23, and a group of NUS volunteers started Bringing Love to Every Single Soul (Bless) in May this year. -ST
They convert a children's book, with some illustrations, into Braille. -ST