The module is one of two pilots of the university's latest learning experience, called SMU-X. -ST
A small, eight-legged robot skittering across a table at the Orchard Hotel yesterday could help Singapore's military defence in the future. -ST
The workshops will teach parents how to use finger puppets, songs and games to help their children listen and speak better. -My Paper
This is described as "open housing" by the college, which allows students to choose suitemates of the same or opposite gender. -My Paper
It had offered and awarded some students with diplomas in maritime studies without requiring class attendance or assessment. -ST
Bookfest to continue until May 10, as part of the commemoration for Viet Nam Book Day. -VNN/ANN
Language to be used in teaching of all classes up to K1 at new pre-school. -ST
Greater pupil involvement has given students more confidence -The Nation/ANN
Parents pay more for premium service to cut travelling time for kids. -TNP
This will help raise the standards of service in the school bus industry, such as through clearer terms of agreement between parents and operators. -ST