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5 feng shui travel tips for a 'lucky' holiday

The Star/ANN | Chester Chin | Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017

The Northern Lights in Iceland

Photo: Visit Iceland

Many know of feng shui as that Chinese philosophical system that brings all the ong ah (luck) and huat ah (prosperity) in your life.

In some cases, it might even bring a lover who looks like Girls' Generation's Tiffany to your doorstep (oh, a boy can dream!), so that nosy relatives can stop asking that dreaded marriage question.

But did you know that feng shui can also influence travel luck in your life? Since it's the Chinese New Year season, here are some tips we have fashioned based on going through some references to boost your travel luck.

The north-west will bring you to beautiful northern countries

OK, not really. But the north-west direction is considered by feng shui practitioners, to be the direction that enhances travel luck.

It is represented by the metal element, so you're encouraged to display metallic items such as wind chimes.

But say, if you've always wanted to visit Seoul, perhaps you can display a cutout of a scene from K-drama Descendants Of The Sun in a - wait for it - metallic photo frame.

DIY feng shui, yes?

Stay healthy while travelling with a Chinese gourd

Better known as wu lou, the Chinese gourd is considered to be a symbol of good health in the Chinese community.

In feng shui, practitioners display the gourd in their homes to absorb sickness energy.

So the next time you pack that vitamin C and charcoal pills, perhaps you can throw in a Chinese gourd as well to protect from falling ill while travelling.

Find parking wherever you go with the mystic knot

The mystic knot is arguably one of the most popular symbols in feng shui.

It is used to symbolise a long and happy life full of good fortune.

So you might see a mystic knot hanging in cars sometimes.

Now according to the World Of Feng Shui website, the mystic knot can also help you find a parking space!

Bear that in mind when you're looking to park your car at the mall during this hectic CNY period (or for any major holidays).

Prevent theft with the Blue Rhino

In feng shui, the double-horned Blue Rhinoceros is believed to protect against violence and robberiesPhoto: The Star 

We've all heard horror stories of pickpockets and snatch thief while travelling.

Well, you can prevent that by carrying a small Blue Rhinoceros in your bag or display it in your car.

In feng shui, the double-horned Blue Rhinoceros is a well-known symbol of protection against robbery, accidents, betrayal and even office drama.

Change your clothes to avert bad luck

Flat tyres are always a nuisance.

But according to feng shui practitioners, they are also a sign of imminent travel misfortune.

Luckily, an extra change of clothes in your car can change that.

If you encounter a flat tyre or small accident, change clothing before you continue your journey.

Keep your eyes on the road and have a safe and prosperous travel this Chinese New Year!

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