This will be an exhibition that details the history of art in the United States from 1900 to the present day. -Reuters
The first Affordable Art Fair this year brought in $2.8 million in sales, a dip from last year's edition. -ST
Unprecedented emergence of The Dragon King: One of the most historically noteworthy and inherently valuable fossils in existence. -PR Newswire
The event saw more than 400 A-listers in social and business circles. -TNP
Will the status symbol of the future really be a $17,000 smartwatch? -WSJ
Socialites Jamie Chua and Ginny Wiluan turned up at the Icon Ball in almost identical dresses, but the classy ladies laughed off the potentially awkward situation and even posed for photos together...
The annual event, at Shangri-La Hotel, marked the 10th anniversary of ICON Magazine's publications. -ST
To draw more people, this year’s Singapore Yacht Show will feature more than just sailing vessels. -ST
The prestigious invitation-only event will be held tonight at the Shangri-La Hotel. -AsiaOne
Prices in Singapore have already been adjusted, making these bags almost $1,000 cheaper than they were before. -Urban, ST