A woman had turned up at her boyfriend's flat in Ang Mo Kio to celebrate his birthday - only to get beaten up and stabbed by him. -AsiaOne Forums
The former bank executive has been stuck in London since 2013 after his passport was retained by the court. -AsiaOne forums
Peter Anthony Kampos, 35, a Canadian national who was on holiday here, was fined $600 after he slipped into the driver's cabin of an MRT train. -AsiaOne forums
SMRT slammed for focusing on profit over providing service. -ST
Government urged to making local nursing homes more affordable. -ST
A new class of employees proposed who can be trained to work with nurses and improve patient care. -ST
The former China tour guide who is embroiled in the tussle over a wealthy widow's millions is fighting back to regain control of her assets. -AsiaOne forums
Amos Yee allegedly infringed a court order by reproducing contents of his online rant about Christianity and an offensive video about the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. -AsiaOne forums
An employee at Jem told Straits Times that Saladworks, which is on the second floor, was flooded on Thursday evening. It is believed that units directly below the shop were also affected. -ST
A lovestruck Chinese man quit his job and travelled from Yunnan to Hunan to look for his 62-year-old girlfriend who recently stopped contacting him. -AsiaOne forums