A video uploaded onto YouTube shows a driver in a black BMW tailgating the car, before proceeding to overtake it sharply and braking suddenly. -AsiaOne forums
Stomp contributor Celson got a shock when a hairdresser at a Bukit Panjang salon said the pricing of haircuts for young kids are dependent on how obedient they are. -Stomp
Mutilated camels have been spotted along with beggars throughout China, raising concerns about beggars abusing them to elicit more pity and bring in more money from passers-bys. -AsiaOne forums
Owners of famous Kay Lee roast duck joint, who wanted to sell their business for at least $2 million, finally found a successful buyer who offered them $4 million. -AsiaOne forums
Over 80 young couple kissed on the street in competition for an iPhone 6. -AsiaOne forums
The frisky couple was rescued after waving for help to a lone woman on the deserted beach. -AsiaOne forums
GST should be charged on the discounted price, since this represents the actual value of the goods or services sold.
Low demand makes it unfeasible to mandate that mobile service providers implement the service, says IDA. -ST
The woman, claiming that placing religious offerings in the void deck is "not right by god", apparently damaged prayer items that a group of people had placed in the void deck. -AsiaOne...
The claims that only women are "emotional" or that men have no self-control in sexual situations. -ST