A spokesperson for the police is seeking information from members of the public regarding the case of the woman posing nude at various public locations in Singapore recently. -AsiaOne forums
The woman organised the unorthodox entertainment to venerate her late husband's memory and let him feast his eyes from the afterlife, as during his time. -AsiaOne forums
Her ex-employer's grandmother had punished her for eating fish that was not meant for her on Oct 29, 2012. -AsiaOne forums
Nine passengers were injured during a rush-hour stampede on a Shenzhen subway believed to have been set off by a person fainting on a train. -AsiaOne Forums
Online retailers are offering lower prices and better deals on tech products. At sites like sold.sg, you can even get the new Samsung Galaxy S6 for less than SGD100. -Advertising feature
A 61-year-old man finally passed the taxi-driver course after some 80 attempts. He had failed the course 70 times in five months. -AsiaOne forums
Contestants in a beauty contest held in China's Henan province had to walk along a 2000 meter high boardwalk in heels and pose for photos in order to please judges. The models said the footpath...
New Zealand cosmetic artist found that after three bites into her meal, something was not right and pulled a half eaten cockroach out of her mouth. -AsiaOne Forums
The buyer of the BMW 7 Series brought along several boxes crammed full of small denomination bills and coins, which in total weighed almost 100 kilograms, and 20 staff members needed over six hours...
A young couple was spotted arguing while standing dangerously close to the busy road next to a bus stop, prompting concerned commuters to warn the man to pull his girlfriend to safety. -AsiaOne forums