A couple was caught on camera behaving intimately at the staircase landing of a HDB block. After getting caught in the act, the boy is seen confronting the person behind the video camera, exclaiming...
For years, TCM has been a trusted source of treatment among the elderly. -ST
The vast majority of health-care professionals strive to do their best for their patients and to do them no harm. -ST
Split-party scenario may not be all doom and gloom. -ST
He painted a scenario of a split in the ruling party within the next 50 years.
The man had denied the accusation but the victim who was known to be notorious, shot him instead. -AsiaOne forums
A 5-year-old boy from New Delhi took 10 days to cover the rigorous 62km trek to Everest Base Camp. -AsiaOne forums
A 26-year-old woman from Chengdu, Sichuan province who'd been dumped by her boyfriend reportedly spent an entire week mending her broken heart by eating chicken wings at a local KFC. -AsiaOne...
New Creation Church refuted the claim by an online list that founder Joseph Prince has a net worth of $6.36 million. -AsiaOne forums
Bride made-up to look like an old woman and requested that her boyfriend do the same for their wedding photoshoot. -AsiaOne forums