A web user had snapped pictures of the women wearing bikinis and traditional Chinese opera head pieces at an opening ceremony of a business event in Fujian and shared them online to raise public...
IT specialist John Shen, 32, saw a man using a handphone to film under a woman's skirt. Mr Shen confronted the man, but the man, Teh Thian Seng, apparently took out a thick wad of cash - in what...
When the land line number appears, it has to be important and cannot be ignored; unreturned land line calls means something, someone is not well. -ST
A 16-year-old boy driving his motorcycle without a license and car plate had argued with officers for around three minutes until he called his father and told him that he'd been hurt by the...
A teenager who slept with her Samsung Galaxy 4 under her pillow woke up to see it on fire. Samsung has responded saying it found that the girl used a third-party battery in the phone. -AsiaOne forums
What can employees do to better prepare themselves for retirement? -ST
It appears that the police are not taking action against the driver who blocked a bus. -ST
The Causeway and Second Link, as vital arteries for the throngs travelling for leisure, work and trade, ought to be symbols of best practices in cross-border cooperation. -ST
Fractured her right arm when a disabled man fell on her while she was seated on an SBS Transit bus. -ST
A new sushi shop saw hordes queuing for 25 cents treats. Are Singaporeans so fond of queuing? -AsiaOne forums