A man from Shandong, China, was caught peeping on women in female toilets by disguising himself as a fellow woman. -AsiaOne forums
The Indonesian pleaded guilty in the High Court for killing Shameera Basha Noor Basha, a Secondary 4 student at Tanjong Katong Girls' School, on Nov 14, 2013. -AsiaOne forums
The incident took place at the Forbidden City, where it was photographed and uploaded on social media. -AsiaOne Forums
He had damaged a woman's side mirror and when she and her sister went down to check, he moved forward to hit the latter. -AsiaOne forums
She is accused of hooking investors with 'sweet' property deals. After postponing payment deadlines, she sent some of them a letter saying she would kill herself. -AsiaOne forums
It seems odd that the Government is willing to subsidise a large portion of the dental bill but not the GST. -ST
Singaporeans are trained to serve, but not trained to shop. -ST
Organisations should give due recognition to these deserving customers, perhaps by giving them a coupon that allows them to bypass a queue. -ST
The driver asked his passenger on her boyfriend's whereabouts and other intimate questions about her private life, making her wonder if they could be considered as 'sexual harassment...
The Chinese boss demanded his employees to attend the funeral, whether or not they knew his mother-in-law. Those who failed to show up would reportedly be fined 200 yuan (S$43) for their absence. -...