Netizens point out a rather curious photo that was taken at former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew's 91st birthday celebrations. -AsiaOne forums
A university education has many objectives.
The taxi woes at Changi Airport could be resolved if the authorities had a fleet of dedicated airport taxis. -ST
The commentary echoed the sentiments of industry leaders who consistently bemoan the fact that university graduates are not ready for the workplace.
A couple was spotted taking up four seats on the train to change their child's soiled diaper. -AsiaOne forums
The north-south corridor is at present served by the North-South Line, which operates on a six-car system. -ST
Li Yuanhao, a student of Southwest University in Chongqing, China has been successfully selling sanitary napkins exclusively to male freshmen students. -AsiaOne forums
Personal details of over 300,000 members of karaoke operator K-Box Singapore were publicly leaked by a group called The Knowns, apparently to protest against the causeway toll increases. -AsiaOne...
But a degree at least opens doors and lets you set foot into places you would otherwise never have had a chance to. -ST
Leaving the decision to the young and their parents is the right thing to do. -ST