The photos show the couple sitting on the edge of some parking lots at the uppermost deck of the carpark. -AsiaOne forums
This is to allow a separate court application by the Office of the Public Guardian to be settled first. -AsiaOne forums
My husband and I bought a 14-day travel insurance for our Europe vacation in June. -ST
What elderly flat buyers need is a waiver of the resale levy on their new flats. -ST
SPD and many voluntary welfare organisations have worked closely with various ministries. -ST
There are passengers who make call bookings to multiple taxi companies when they need only one taxi.
Singapore's Asian Games gold medalist Joseph Schooling, is believed to be among three swimmers being investigated for allegedly returning to the athlete's village intoxicated. -AsiaOne...
We may provide world-class training facilities for our athletes, but this should not be at the expense of less privileged members of society. -My Paper
Surcharges may be a loophole for taxi drivers to exploit the system for financial gain. -My Paper
A 14-month-old girl in Shenzhen, China, drowned in a bucket of water after her mother, who was busy playing on her mobile phone, failed to notice her struggles. -AsiaOne forums