According to a post by SPAC, they expressed their genuine concern about how the message "KILL STRAY CATS!" could go down the wrong way. -AsiaOne forums
A woman in Yulin, China, was brutally beaten and stripped in public after she was suspected to be a mistress. -AsiaOne forums
The man suspected that his neighbors, who lived on the opposite side of the street, were attempting to disturb his feng shui by placing a mirror on their gate. -AsiaOne forums
In the interest of transparency, perhaps SMRT can reveal how much it charged the school for the service. -ST
The whole issue may be nothing more than a storm in a tea cup fuelled by critics taking a shot at perceived elitism. -ST
Come next Monday, all 450,000 pioneer generation Singaporeans will also enjoy subsidised GP and dental services at the Chas clinics. -ST
NParks will be seeking ideas from the community on the masterplan design of the Jurong Lake Gardens next year. -ST
Geylang's reputation as a red-light district does not make it an ideal environment to raise families. -ST
The Government can look into lowering the deductible for C-class wards from $1500 to $750. -ST
"I support the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority's policy of loaning free traps to property owners to stop unknown animals from traversing their property." -ST