The father of teen found naked was spotted praying at the site where she fell and said he was at work when everything happened. -AsiaOne forums
Some property cooling measures will stay for now. -ST
We forgo a treasure trove of real-world knowledge and insights from giving the newspapers a miss. -ST
Reading the newspapers keeps one informed on a diverse array of issues and subject matters. -ST
Mr Musa Fazal assured netizen about the solvency of CPF Life. -ST
Hospitals should clarify the treatment options and expenses for patients. -ST
Rules should be tweaked to discourage foreign speculation and divert local capital away from property investments. -ST
It captures and documents precious moments and memories on Singapore from generations past and present. -ST
Japan will restart exports of rice grown in Fukushima for the first time since foreign sales were halted due to fears of contamination by the nuclear disaster there. AsiaOne readers want such...
Suria subtitles all its locally produced dramas and educational programmes aired during prime time. -ST