A witness was threatened by two men who seemed intoxicated as they were confronted for their inappropriate behaviour with an apparently drunk woman at Admiralty Link. -AsiaOne forums
He had argued in his bid to remain in Britain that he would be under pressure to live as a male in Singapore and would have to do reservist training. -AsiaOne forums
More than 10 boxes of branded bags and shoes, believed to be worth ten of thousands of dollars, have been confiscated by the authorities after a woman had allegedly brought them in without paying...
Sentosa Express is a safe monorail system designed with features that meet the stringent regulatory standards for railways in Japan. -ST
A nation of kindness starts with one. -ST
The Malays who had introduced the concept of power sharing with the other races could end up being the weakest, said Dr Mahathir Mohamad. -AsiaOne forums
Singapore's Instagram celebrities have seen a huge drop in followers, some more than others, following Instagram's cull of inactive and spam accounts, used to for the purpose of "...
An AsiaOne forummer has been sent various bills and reminders to pay for services he has not subscribed to. -AsiaOne forums
You'll never wanna eat your food on the go again after seeing what happened to this kid in Hubei. The 12-year-old boy actually had a pair of steel chopsticks lodged into his throat as he was...
Three of five major pre-school chains - which are required to keep fees affordable - will increase their prices next year. -ST