The man who said he was from Korea claimed he had been attacked by some men. -AsiaOne forums
The long-legged retired basketball player retreats to the back seat after he was unable to fit in the front seat of an SUV. -AsiaOne forums
Member of Parliament for Mountbatten Lim Biow Chuan posted on Facebook a formal letter to his daughter about her PSLE grades. -AsiaOne forums
Lee Seok Pheng, 47, was run over and killed following an argument with the car driver over some dumping of rubbish near the her and her husband's apartment. -The Star/ANN
A man was filmed lying sprawled across multiple seats while asleep and snoring on an MRT train, while other commuters looked annoyed but were unwilling to wake him up. -AsiaOne forums
It is little wonder that many tutors and tuition centres have capitalised on this ongoing trend, cashing in on the $1 billion industry. -TNP
Those who may have information on possible breaches of Section 144 can alert Acra, which will conduct an investigation and take the necessary enforcement action. -ST
The aim is supposedly to "inject more youth and talent into the league". -ST
The Traffic Police have also stepped up enforcement efforts against heavy vehicles and tightened the inspection requirements for heavy vehicles caught speeding. -ST
The woman was last seen leaving Nana Plaza with a well-built Caucasian man. -AsiaOne forums