A couple were spotted behaving inappropriately on the train when they engaged in a heavy make-out session on the MRT train. -AsiaOne forums
A woman who went to collect a refund from a mobile phone shop at Sim Lim Square was verbally taunted after being given the money in coins. -AsiaOne forums
Some of the students claim that the hotel which was run as school property, operated a foot bath club that promoted "special services". -AsiaOne forums
The 79-year-old Taiwanese man did that after he found out that another man was courting her. -China Post/ANN
What are we assessing? Are we looking at academic grades, speed of learning, or former students' contributions to society? -ST
The library is said to be the first to "seek and integrate public feedback into its design, collection and services". -ST
At its most basic, unitholders are the owners of the estate and the manager is paid to manage it. -ST
Some penny stocks are more prone to speculative activities because of their lack of institutional demand and low market capitalisation, among other factors. -ST
At least two mainstream schools have partnered Pathlight School, so students with autism can attend self-contained classes in mainstream schools and interact with their peers. -ST
Some drivers probably forget to switch on their headlights because newer cars are fitted with dashboards that light up automatically when they start the engine. -ST