Amos Yee, 16, has been slammed for putting up an online video in which he celebrated the death of Mr Lee Kuan Yew and made offensive remarks against him and Christians. -AsiaOne Forum
As Amos Yee is charged in court for inflammatory comments he made in a recent Youtube video celebrating Mr Lee's death, netizens are saying that the teen is "warped" and "...
A man in China attempted to drown himself after meeting his bride from an arranged marriage for the first time. He said she was "too ugly" and "bad for his image". -AsiaOne forums
Ma, who is reported to have headed China's counter-espionage programmes, is the first senior official in the state security system to be investigated over corruption allegations. -AsiaOne forums
A female driver, who was apparently not aware of the state funeral procession for Mr Lee Kuan Yew on Sunday, was filmed complaining to the traffic police when she was stuck because of roadblocks. -...
One of Viet Nam's best doctors at the National Obstetrics Hospital refused to operate on a patient this week. -VNN/ANN
Even parents who enjoy hawker food discourage their children from working in a hawker centre. -ST
They commonly ride two or three abreast on this road and force traffic to slow down. -ST
In Samut Songkram province in Thailand, a man couldn’t decide who to marry between a pair of twin sisters. He eventually married both. -AsiaOne forums
She refused to hand over her licence, played cat-and-mouse with the breath-tester, threw up the peace sign and grinned as police took photographs of the car for evidence. -AsiaOne forums