Singapore's Asian Games gold medalist Joseph Schooling, is believed to be among three swimmers being investigated for allegedly returning to the athlete's village intoxicated. -AsiaOne...
We may provide world-class training facilities for our athletes, but this should not be at the expense of less privileged members of society. -My Paper
Surcharges may be a loophole for taxi drivers to exploit the system for financial gain. -My Paper
A 14-month-old girl in Shenzhen, China, drowned in a bucket of water after her mother, who was busy playing on her mobile phone, failed to notice her struggles. -AsiaOne forums
For essential services like health care, the Government has a duty to ensure affordability for all citizens. -ST
A Stomp contributor said his friend saw a man walking around Pasir Ris while naked on Sunday morning.These photos of the man were taken from opposite Pasir Ris Neighbourhood Police Centre. -AsiaOne...
The non-profit organisation wrote in Facebook that it is "unacceptable to force an animal, designed for -50 temperatures, to live in the tropics with the heat, humidity and atmospheric pollution...
Currently cabbies can choose whether or not they want to accept the booking. -ST
There are complex reasons for non-compliance with the medication regimen. -ST
A Chinese restaurant owner has been arrested after allegedly lacing dishes with opium in an effort to keep customers coming back, reported the BBC. -AsiaOne forums