Ultimately, Mr Lee's house was his private property, and now, that of his children; its fate should also be a private family matter. -ST
Mr Lee Kuan Yew played a role in the introduction of unleaded fuel into Singapore and the simplification of the type approval process for motor vehicles sold here. -ST
On Wednesday, I saw what I thought was the best in Singaporeans. -ST
Other than his legacy when it comes to nation building, former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew is also a model of successful ageing. -ST
One woman has shared a conversation she had with a 70-year-old taxi driver on Facebook. The driver told her that the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew was a kind mind who made sure things got done. -AsiaOne forums
Each time I walk past the Esplanade, I will remember his great vision. -ST
Gushcloud should not be allowed to get away with a manicured apology. -ST
Ideals for ancient China are proven in modern Singapore. -ST
Companies should not be able to use the "Lee Kuan Yew" name for their products or services, or for any other purpose. -ST
Most follow the same theme that Lee Kuan Yew ruled with a heavy hand, curtailed freedom of speech and did not practise true Western democracy.-ST