You'll never wanna eat your food on the go again after seeing what happened to this kid in Hubei. The 12-year-old boy actually had a pair of steel chopsticks lodged into his throat as he was...
Three of five major pre-school chains - which are required to keep fees affordable - will increase their prices next year. -ST
"Kiasu-ism" sets in when a driver signals his intention to change lanes. -ST
Heavy rain yesterday proved too much for the false ceiling at Westgate mall and caused a small section to shatter. -AsiaOne
Although some netizens have slammed the move, others applauded the boy and said that the 16th birthday is always worth celebrating. -AsiaOne forums
In the wake of stories highlighting the unruly behaviour of Chinese passengers, another incident has made its way into social media spotlight. This time, two female passengers argue with the family...
Just days after an incident where a ‪#Chinese‬ passenger onboard an AirAsia flight assaulted a crew member, it seems that there has been another violent act involving Chinese passengers onboard an...
A man called the police after a dispute between him and a few elderly men on a train recently. -AsiaOne forums
The property tax is a wealth tax, levied on property ownership. -ST
The key is to convince older people to work longer, through enhanced benefits and good wage supplements. -ST