A resident had set up the CCTV in the area due to similar thefts in the past. -AsiaOne forums
Having the bulk of top primary schools in the Bukit Timah area contradicts the policies the Education Ministry has in place to discourage elitism. -ST
Hospitals should not increase their charges, just because subsidised patients are allowed to use their Medisave to pay for the screening. -MyPaper
Surveillance cameras in Shanghai caught footage of a man behind the wheels of a car with a dog trailing behind. The leash of the German Shepard was attached to the trunk of the car. -AsiaOne forums
In this Aunt Agony letter, a student is tired of all the bickering between his/her parents and writes in for advice. -The Star/ANN
A youth was spotting sleeping at a fast food outlet in Great World City. Is it acceptable or up to the restaurant manager's discretion? -AsiaOne forums
Stomp contributor Gabriel's wife stepped on a dead bee in their home, which led to the discovery of an entire beehive in their air-con compressor. -AsiaOne forums
We live in a vibrant cosmopolitan city and must be accommodating towards foreigners. -ST
A dog trainer was caught on camera allegedly abusing her dog at a dog obedience competition held yesterday. According to the person taking the video, the trainer is using a collar that "pokes...
A reader complains that despite flagging down the bus from the walkway and running to meet it, the driver simply drove away. -AsiaOne forums