Said the Stomp reader: "There is this peeping tom lurking in the level 3 male toilet. he was pointing his camera phone at the next cubicle from above with the video recording mode on." -...
There were signs reminding visitors not to drink the tap water. Cleaners also told visitors to drink the bottled water provided by the airport, which were placed by the sinks. -AsiaOne forums
An online user posted a photo of a white bellied sea eagle that crashed straight into an office window at Centennial Tower. It apparently died on impact. -AsiaOne forums
He left a comment on the airline's Facebook page saying he was unhappy he was refused a business class upgrade as he needed extra legroom. -AsiaOne forums
Former City Harvest Church fund manager claims Kong himself may not have had complete faith that his wife would make it as a secular singer, or his money wouldn't have gone into his Sentosa,...
Singapore schools' obsession with winning medals will turn off those who simply want to enjoy sports. -ST
The vet said that he could not hear the dog’s heartbeat, his breathing was heavy and that he had fever. -AsiaOne forums
Passers-by watched confused and shocked as a man, aged between 18 and 24, suddenly threw his bag to the ground and began stripping off his clothes until he was fully naked. -AsiaOne forums
Many people do not know that these dogs are working dogs that must not be distracted when they are on duty. -ST
A man was allegedly assaulted at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) on Sunday at 6.50pm by two males, and robbed of his heavily-modified Italian bicycle. -AsiaOne forums