A recent survey by Korea's research company revealed pretty depressing results where around 60% of Koreans said that they would not want to be born in Korea again. If you were born in Singapore...
A deodorant ad about a woman having dark armpits has been slammed for being insensitive and labelled "poor taste" by netizens. The company defended its ad saying it was adding humour to...
A dance music festival which made headlines last year when six people died from drug overdose in Kuala Lumpur has been denied a licence for the show to be staged here next weekend. -AsiaOne forums
Thai and Chinese netizens are debating over the photo of a Chinese tourist changing in the airport toilet. Some say it was an invasion of privacy, while others argue that stripping in front of...
A self-employed man who lied about where he lived to get his daughter enrolled in a prestigious primary school was sentenced to two weeks' jail yesterday. -AsiaOne forums
As a struggling student in my first year of junior college, I managed to improve my grades with the help of 10-year-series assessment books. -ST
Many parents and prospective students may not realise that the legal education one gets from an Australian law school is likely to be relevant. -ST
This year's Budget has been lauded as one that ensures every Singaporean gets a share of the national pie. -ST
The income criterion allows the MOH to better target health-care subsidies to benefit lower- to middle- income households. -ST
The higher cost of delivery and the looming shortage of experienced obstetricians call for an urgent solution to avoid a national crisis. -ST