A 17-year-old mother has been arrested after a video of her abusing her baby went viral on social media. -The Star/ANN
Her family had been consuming the rice for over a decade and never experienced any problem. -The Star/ANN
Just as the son was ­waving goodbye to his mother while entering the school compound, a car with two men inside suddenly pulled up. -The Star/ANN
The Pharmacy Bill, which if passed, will require patients to visit a pharmacy separately after seeing a doctor to get medicine. -The Star/ANN
For employees who stayed on, the union hoped that there would be "attractive packages and terms of conditions". -The Star/ANN
Traffic was backed up from around 6am on Tuesday after a trailer rammed into an overhead road sign. -The Star/ANN
Najib's counsel Nor Emelia Iszeham said they were ordered to reply to the defence statement by May 8. -The Star/ANN
13-year-old student of the school told the press that he was beaten up by about 20 seniors at about midnight on Saturday. -The Star/ANN
The amount of losses and cause of the fire are still being investigated. -The Star/ANN
Ten fire and rescue vehicles took to the streets in Taman Setia but there was no emergency. -The Star/ANN