The captain of the AirAsia jet that crashed into the sea was out of his seat conducting an unorthodox procedure when his co-pilot apparently lost control. -Reuters
Humiliating someone actually provides a deep sense of control. -The Star/ANN
Many women find it difficult to balance work and family life. Some make the decision to give up their careers to focus more time and attention on their family. -The Star/ANN
He sent the message: "A day in the afterlife is equivalent to 1,000 years on earth", and was killed in a motorcycle accident just a few days later. -The Star/ANN
The two bodies were believed to be burnt at the oil palm plantation in Bestari Jaya, Kuala Selangor, where they were found early on Thursday. -The Star/ANN
A magistrate's court fined Mohd Nooh Sudin, 54, RM200 (S$74.50) yesterday for stealing children's undergarments, a shirt and pants. -The Star/ANN
Jacqueline Ong, 19, left for Kathmandu on Jan 11 for a six-week volunteer programme where she was to teach English at an orphanage.
Speaking to reporters outside the Yonghe Lama Temple here yesterday, Jiang Hui said they also wanted an apology from Malaysia. -The Star/ANN
In a press conference here yesterday evening, they disagreed with the manner in which the authorities announced that the disappearance qualified as an "accident". -The Star/ANN
Security personnel had initially thought that the gunshot was the sound of firecrackers going off. -The Star/ANN