The two men in their 60s travelled across eight countries in five months on their bicycles, hoping to reach Mecca and perform the haj. -The Star/ANN
She escaped from hospital, leaving her newborn son behind, and was caught less than 24 hours later. -The Star/ANN
The 42-year-old clerk, who has been living with her parents since birth, will now be able to afford her own home. -The Star/ANN
Orang Asli villagers in four kampungs in Cameron Highlands are fearful that their ancestral land is being encroached to the detriment of their livelihood. -The Star/ANN
A former resort worker at Pulau Pangkor was sentenced to death for murdering his pregnant manager six years ago. -The Star/ANN
The solemnisation was conducted in a private ceremony attended by close family members from both sides. -The Star/ANN
Second Warrant Officer Muhammad Rizalman Ismail has appointed a counsel as he is set to be produced in a Wellington court over charges of burglary and assault. -The Star/ANN
Malaysia is seeking assistance from the United States and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in the MH370 and MH17 disasters. -The Star/ANN
Move was made to 'maintain the standard' of local food, preserve the authenticity of the state's local flavours. -The Star/ANN
The task of determining and refining the search area was carried out by a group of experts from a range of countries. -The Star/ANN