Hisham said the team would comprise three groups - airworthiness, operational as well as medical and human factors. -The Star/ANN
Fishermen from the fishing village towed the whale shark to shore with the help of four boats. -The Star/ANN
Police have labelled the proposed May 1 anti-GST rally as illegal. -The Star/ANN
The pirates subdued and tied up the crew, robbed the vessel and brought in 2 other tankers that pumped out a large quantity of the vessel's diesel. -AFP
During interrogation, he confessed that he had kidnapped the boy and demanded a ransom for his release. -The Star/ANN
"Incidents of sabotaging the operations had occurred before, but not to the extent of endangering passengers' lives,". -The Star/ANN
The 53-year-old President is said to be game to try something new to endear him to Malaysia. -The Star/ANN
The businessman said he had spent more than RM300,000 so far to settle all his 20-year-old son's loans since last year. -The Star/ANN
Pirates, armed with pistols and parangs, robbed a Japanese oil tanker before kidnapping three of its crew at 21.8 nautical miles off Tanjung Karang. -NST
Express bus operators say they are being held to ransom by their own drivers, who are allegedly exploiting a driver shortage in the industry to escape punishment for dangerous driving. -The Star/ANN