Tim Ho Wan at Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur looks no different from any fast food chain outlet. -The Star/ANN
Dutch and Ukrainian officials held a memorial ceremony at the airport for the last batch of human remains due to be transported this year. -AFP
The sedition act would include provision to protect the sanctity of Islam and make insulting any religion a criminal act. -The Star/ANN
Under the common law, the wife's domicile must follow the husband's domicile even if the wife was no longer a Malaysian citizen. -The Star/ANN
Malaysian Airline System Bhd (MAS) said its third-quarter net loss widened to RM576.1 million (S$224.5 million) from RM375.4 million in the same period a year earlier. -Reuters
The programme will also include free inspection service, valuation of damages and towing assistance. -The Star/ANN
A prototype is being developed and expected to be completed in September 2015: Malaysian Automotive Institute. -The Star/ANN
Capital cities such as London had 40,000 cameras while Shanghai had 7,000 installed citywide. -The Star/ANN
The International Labour Organisation had defined an unemployment rate of below 4 per cent as "full employment" or zero unemployment. -The StarANN
The Perkasa chief claimed that Wong's article "A mind-boggling spin" contained defamatory statements against him. -The Star/ANN