Clear, smooth roads all day made getting to destinations in the city a total breeze. -The Star/ANN
One of the biggest challenges was that some of the bodies were not intact, meaning identification would take longer. -The Star/ANN
Marine policeman Zakiah Aleip is being held by the Abu Sayyaf group Alhabsi on the border of the Indanan and Parang municipalities. -The Star/ANN
Facebook has barred its users from accessing the blog of former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. -TNP
Among the animals sought were deer and jungle fowl. -The Star/ANN
Netizens are unhappy with Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM)'s announcement of up to 400 per cent toll hike for those using the Johor Causeway. -The Star/ANN
Pain and doubt have replaced the sense of security that colleagues had previously taken for granted at the airline. -AFP
Minister Najib Razak expressed his "extreme sadness, most profound sympathy and deepest condolences". -AFP
Mastor Long understands only too well the attachment Malaysians have to sweet treats and is only too happy to spread the season's joy with the toffee-like dodol he painstakingly churns out...
Doing its part in spreading the Hari Raya cheer, the KL-Kuala Selangor (Latar) Express­way has distributed 1,000 Touch 'n Go cards for free to motorists. -The Star/ANN