The woman only lodged a police report 60 hours after the incident because she was in a state of shock. -The Star/ANN
Najib should not breach any privilege given to him in his capacity as an MP. -The Star/ANN
The termination is to ease the migration of the existing operations of MAS into a new company. -The Star/ANN
He even took one of them to a hotel room to spend time with her. -The Star/ANN
It had not stopped the market from viewing the possible deal negatively. -The Star/ANN
A trained accountant who had raised a number of issues surrounding the 2014 audited accounts of 1MDB. -The Star/ANN
Before joining MAS, Christoph Mueller was CEO of Ireland's Aer Lingus, where he had to trim the workforce and deal with the unions to make the airline profitable again. -The Star/ANN
The woman did as she was told until they asked her for another RM18,000 for GST. -The Star/ANN
At the camps, police personnel have counted 139 graves holding the remains of more than 150 people. -The Star/ANN