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Thursday, Oct 9, 2014


Dangerous products disguised as everyday items sold openly

The Star/ANN | Thursday, Oct 9, 2014

GEORGE TOWN - Concealed weapons are being displayed in plain sight at shopping outlets here and available for sale to anyone.

The weapons, ranging from blades concealed in "credit cards" to pepper sprays, are displayed in glass shelves and can be bought for as low as RM20.

A check by The Star showed that an "innocent" looking credit card can be turned into a lethal stainless steel blade in just a few seconds.

The plastic credit card camouflage has a thickness of 2mm with edges that can be folded in seconds to form the handle of a 65mm stainless blade.

The seller said most of the gadgets were from China and many people have showed interest in them.

"I also received orders for blue laser pointers which cost about RM500 each. When a pointer is directed at a person, it can blind them.

"Such items are also easily available online but most people opt to buy them from me as there is the risk of the Customs department confiscating them," he said when met at his shop here.

A check showed that the credit card concealed blade and other hidden weapons were sold at low prices online.

Items found online included the "ballpen gun" which was believed to have led to the death of a van driver in Bintulu, Sarawak.

It was reported on Tuesday that the man suddenly keeled over and died. Police later discovered a ballpen gun with tiny bullets in his pocket.

The miniature firearm resembling an electronic cigarette could have come straight out of a James Bond movie.

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