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Saturday, Nov 9, 2013

Malaysia, Crime

Factory workers find bodies of slain supervisors

The Star/ANN | Saturday, Nov 9, 2013

Policemen removing the body of one of the murder victims from the seafood packaging factory at the Bundusan Commercial area near Penampang.

KOTA KINABALU - Workers at a seafood packaging factory near here were shocked to find the bodies of their two supervisors sprawled in a pool of blood when they arrived for work early Friday morning.

The deceased, married couple Chen Ching Woei, 42 (pic left), and Chang Ling Ling, 44 (pic), were believed to have been murdered in their room inside the factory at the Bundusan Commercial area near Penampang.

The workers stumbled upon their bodies when they arrived for work at about 8.30am.

It was learnt that the couple from Kuching, Sarawak, were living on the lower floor of the two-storey factory as they did not own a house here.

According to one of Chen's relatives who was present at the scene, the couple started working in the factory two years ago.

"We don't know what happened but as far as I understand, the two did not have any known enemies," said the relative who wished to remain anonymous.

Meanwhile, the police recovered a few pieces of the couple's clothes from under a lorry outside the factory. The items were believed to have been thrown away by the suspect(s).

Penampang district police chief Deputy Supt Ratan Singh declined to reveal information on the case and left the scene immediately after the bodies were removed for post-mortem at about 1pm.

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