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Wednesday, Nov 5, 2014


Girl, 6, had hairpin lodged inside private part

The Star/ANN | Wednesday, Nov 5, 2014

A six-year-old girl suffered in pain for almost a month due to a hairclip which was inserted into her private part, reported the daily.

Her mother said she took her daughter to hospital after finding out that the girl was always complaining of pain whenever she went to the toilet.

Alor Gajah district police chief Supt Muhammad Ismail Muhammad Yusof said the mother brought her daughter to the Alor Gajah hospital, but did not find anything peculiar.

"A week later, the mother realised that there was discharge in the girl's private parts and it turned into pus.

So, the girl was taken to the Malacca Hospital.

"Further examinations revealed there was a hairclip in the girl's private part and it was then surgically removed," said Supt Muhammad Ismail.

Apparently, a friend of the girl had inserted the clip.

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