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Govt drawing up list of militants who are actively recruiting Malaysians

The Star/ANN | Tuesday, Nov 4, 2014

MALAYSIA - The Home Ministry is drawing up a blacklist of militant groups which are operating mostly in Syria and Iraq, and are actively recruiting and indoctrinating Malaysians, Berita Harian reported.

The ministry's senior assistant secretary (Security and Public Order) Zamihan Mat Zin said the list would contain the names of at least seven groups and that Malaysians would be barred from being involved with them.

"The list will be announced soon by the Government, while the involvement of locals in these groups will be banned as these militant groups are fighting for nothing more than political power," Zamihan said.

He said the groups' influence spread after some Malaysians who studied in Syria and Iraq brought back a wrong understanding of the concept of jihad.

Zamihan said that there were almost 20 active militant groups in the country and that they were using social media and Malaysians who had studied in the Middle East to help spread their ideology.

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