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Inept security guard stood by as victim left to nab pickpocket in Malaysia

Stomp | Wednesday, Dec 30, 2015

A pickpocket got what he deserved after he was caught by his victim and pinned to the floor at a mall in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Stomp contributor Gabriel's father witnessed the incident last night (Dec 28) and sent Stomp footage of what happened.

In the video he sent, the victim, a man clad in a black shirt and another man in a white shirt pushed the head of the young culprit to the floor.

The victim then yelled at the top of his lungs before a security guard appeared at the scene. 

However instead of arresting the victim, the security guard stood with the bystanders and after being yelled at by the victim, came over to help.

Stomp contributor Gabriel said: "The man had to force the guards to pin him down."

Another security guard then arrived at the scene and they both attempted to bring the culprit away, but not before he was yelled at by the man clad in the black shirt.

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