Officers could have been motivated by the "quick money" to be made. -The Star/ANN
He described the modus operandi of the human trafficking syndicate to that of 17th century African slavery in the America. -The Star/ANN
No BCG mark was found on the body and it is believed to be a Myanmar national in his 20s. -The Star/ANN
The bodies were buried in marked graves at remote detention camps used by people-smugglers on the Thai border. -AFP, The Star/ANN
Joshua Wong was expelled an hour after touching down in Penang on Tuesday. -The Star/ANN
Yousof and five other young men had thought out that escape plan for a while. -The Star/ANN
Syndicate members would transport the migrants across the border at night when there were fewer security personnel. -The Star/ANN
MCA has claimed that PAS is behaving like the Taliban by restricting coverage and imposing a dress code on media workers. -The Star/ANN
Developing renewable energy was among the issues being discussed at the ongoing 33rd Asean senior energy officials’ meeting. -The Star/ANN
There will be an investigation on all enforcement agencies that run border patrols in the area. -The Star/ANN