There was a need to upgrade several interchanges including in Permas and Tampoi. -The Star/ANN
"This measure is taken as a safety precaution as well as to allow the Kuala Lumpur Aviation Fuelling System to perform a thorough check." -The Star/ANN
Witnesses reported early Friday morning that many Malaysian registered buses were refusing to continue their journey into Singapore at Woodlands. -ST
When the last rationing exercise was imposed, the level at the Sungai Selangor dam was 37 per cent. It is now 33.46 per cent. -The Star/ANN
Many have voiced dissatisfaction over the new toll charges, saying that the increase of more than 400 per cent was too steep. -The Star/ANN
A woman died after she set herself on fire in a toilet cubicle. -The Star/ANN
Najib praised the way the Dutch government had organised a dignified ceremony to receive the victims' remains. -The Star/ANN
All charges will be implemented electronically at both sides using the Touch 'n' Go cards, with cash payments no longer possible. -The Star/ANN
A female customer stood with arms folded seemingly oblivious to an armed robbery taking place right before her eyes. -The Star/ANN
Malaysian buses carrying factory workers and students into Singapore have reportedly staged what appears to be a strike at the Malaysian Checkpoint at Johor Bahru. -ST