Crew onboard downed MH17 flight. -The Star/ANN
The prayer is to be performed at those mosques not receiving the remains of the victims. -The Star/ANN
The Israeli rockeT that landed near them failed to detonate. -The Star/ANN
Some are planning to observe the minute's silence with family or office colleagues while others are planning to offer prayers at their respective places of worship. -The Star/ANN
The embattled mentri besar has declined to speak with the media. -The Star/ANNA
Two Malaysians ran popular eateries which provided their fellow countrymen in Amsterdam a taste of Malaysia, a home away from home. -The Star/ANN
Henery, who is married to a Malaysian from Johor Baru, has penned a poem titled "A Passenger Known Unto God" in tribute to victims of the doomed MH17. -The Star/ANN
Telecommu­nica­tions companies have pledged to stand in solidarity with Malaysians mourning the passengers and crew of Flight MH17. -The Star/ANN
Life will never be the same again, and yet life must go on. -The Star/ANN
The uncle would greet his nieces in a special way whenever they extend their hands to him. -The Star/ANN