His idea for the app was to make it easier for anyone in the world to communicate using their own language. -The Star/ANN
The husband had earlier scolded the woman for coming home late. -The Star/ANN
A villager was watering the plants outside his house in the morning when he noticed something afloat in the river. -The Star/ANN
They call on all journalists to unite against unwarranted action against the press. -The Star/ANN
The decision was made during a meeting of the Pardons Board. -The Star/ANN
The Government had also announced a higher amount of financial aid to be distributed under BR1M. -The Star/ANN
Anwar's disqualification takes effect from March 16, the date his petition was deliberated upon and rejected. -The Star/ANN
Several places were not ready for the new tax system and resorted to handwritten receipts. -The Star/ANN
Forty girls at a religious school in Selangor were caned and made to strip after none of them admitted to stealing $37 from a fellow student. -The Star/ANN
Two top media executives arrested for sedition were released on bail, a day after their three colleagues from The Malaysian Insider were similarly freed. -My Paper