It is not often wild fish are so tame they feed from your hands and swim at your feet. -ST
The new tariff is benefiting close to 60,000 customers, who are separate from the 70,000 already eligible for the Federal Government's subsidy. -The Star/ANN
The plant can store and treat more than 100,000 tonnes of all classes of hazardous waste at any one time. -The Star/ANN
The conditions are not conducive for studying and was also very dusty there as well. -The Star/ANN
An image of the MC has been going viral with it being widely circulated via WhatsApp yesterday. -The Star/ANN
The bank replaced its chief financial officer with his deputy a few days after the bank reported its fourth-quarter profit fell. -Reuters
Golden sands, white beaches, blue seas, emerald waters, palm trees - it takes all sorts but these are some of the best beaches. -The Star/ANN
Data from one website shows that almost 50 per cent of its sugar babies were college students. -The Star/ANN
Authorities said they have more pressing issues than fining Muslim women for wearing indecent clothes or not donning their headscarves. -The Star/ANN
The Customs Department has begun a massive nationwide crackdown against the errant business operators. -The Star/ANN