Hard-line Islamist group hits out at DAP’s campaign to raise awareness. -ST
Sepa wants a freeze on the collection of any money until all the funds collected since 2011 have been accounted for. -The Star/ANN
DAP and PKR had called for Chew to apologise after belittling women by using the term 'housewife' during a press conference in Permatang Pauh. -The Star/ANN
If found guilty she faces up to three months in jail or a fine or both. -The Star/ANN
The organisers of the May Day rally are insisting on staging the protest to highlight issues such as illegal immigrant and Sabah land rights. - The Star/ANN
The Muslim women's group rebuked recent statements that attempted to defend marital rape in the name of Islam. -The Star/ANN
Datuk Dr Peter Mooney, an illustrious civil servant and lawyer in Malaysia, passed away at the age of 92. -The Star/ANN
He was caught by a security guard when attempting to leave with the stolen items after the alarm went off. -The Star/ANN
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said it was to ensure smooth voting for the Permatang Pauh by-election. -The Star/ANN
The incident occured when the 19-year-old car driver pulled the brakes to avoid hitting a car in front. -The Star/ANN