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Thursday, Oct 9, 2014


Malaysia Home Minister appeals for calm in the wake of Bukit Bintang blast

The Star/ANN | Thursday, Oct 9, 2014

PUTRAJAYA - Home Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi called on the public to remain calm following a bomb blast which injured 14 people at Sun Complex in Bukit Bintang golden triangle area.

He said police were investigating the incident and he was still waiting for the updated report from the police on the incident.

"They are on it. The police will issue a statement," he said after addressing Home Ministry personnel at the ministry's monthly assembly here on Thursday.

Two women were among the 14 people injured including Chinese nationals and Singaporeans.

Four cars were also damaged in the 4.30am Thursday blast when a grenade exploded in front of a pub at the complex here.

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