She became aware of the website after she received a vulgar message in Malay from a random Facebook user. -The Star/ANN
Indonesian police tracked the girl to east Lombok and took custody of her on March 20, before placing her under child protection services
Drugs alone fall under all three categories of GST, depending on the type of medicine and place of purchase. -The Star/ANN
The two men were detained by the Bukit Aman Special Branch Counter Terrorism Division on Thursday. -The Star/ANN
They were greeted by waving Opposition leaders currently detained at the Dang Wangi police headquarters. -The Star/ANN
The protest went ahead anyway, with several hundred people taking to the streets of KL to denounce the government. -AFP
This month, the German Grand Prix was removed from the 2015 calendar and the Korean and Indian races both disappeared last season. -AFP
Prime MinisterNajib Razak said this was one of the efforts to win back Chinese tourists. -The Star/ANN
This will be done in order to strengthen security against cross-border crime like illegal immigration. -The Star/ANN
The Sarawak state government said teachers could not go around converting students as and when they please. -The Star/ANN