Critics accuse the government of using the law to intimidate and silence an accelerating opposition movement that has threatened UMNO's hold on power. -AFP
Prime Minister Najib declared at the Umno general assembly that the Sedition Act will not only be retained but strengthened to protect the sanctity of Islam and other religions. -The Star/ANN
Malaysia is Southeast Asia's fattest country, where a nationwide foodie culture is feeding concern over an obesity epidemic. -AFP
The bill provides special laws that are essential for the continuity of the airline and its uninterrupted connectivity within Malaysia. -The Star/ANN
Properties without clear owners, or untraceable owners, will be considered for title status change to Government-owned. -The Star/ANN
The court heard that Yeoh Lam Hoe used cameras disguised as pen drives and watches to make the recordings. -The Star/ANN
Her collection includes biographies, travelogues, novels and books on finance. -The Star/ANN
A company to replace Malaysia Airline System Bhd will be formed to save the ailing national carrier and allow it to take over all the liabilities and assets of MAS and its subsidiaries. -The Star/ANN
A spilt bowl of hot kuey teow caused a ruckus at a restaurant in Malim Jaya in Malacca after it scalded the private part of a factory manager. -The Star/ANN
Men suffering from spousal abuse should come forward so that help can be given to them, Malaysia's Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim said. -The Star/...