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Monday, Oct 6, 2014


Malaysian law student's death in England a mystery

The Star/ANN | Monday, Oct 6, 2014

The victim was discharged with fever tablets after she went to the Royal Victoria Infirmary for fever and vomiting.

KUALA LUMPUR - A 22-year-old Malaysian studying law in Newcastle, England, died of still unknown causes on Oct 1 after coming down with fever and vomiting for two days.

Rebecca Edward's family said doctors there were stumped over the cause of her death and could keep her body for up to six months while they find answers.

"She told our parents on Monday that she was having fever and vomiting and that she went to the Royal Victoria Infirmary but was discharged with only fever tablets," said her brother Jeffrey Edward, 25.

"The next day, her housemates said they found her unconscious. As she was rushed to hospital in an ambulance, they said Rebecca stopped breathing and couldn't be revived," the medical student said in an interview.

He said their mother, Selvi Kaur, 47, had flown to Newcastle to liaise with the doctors there and to bring her body back but was told that there would be delays.

"They are still trying to find out the cause of her death and could keep her body for up to six months. We hope they can give us an explanation on the process and speed it up, as we want to bring her home and give her a proper burial," he said.

He said Rebecca, who was the younger of two siblings, had just arrived in the UK three weeks ago to start the final year of her law degree.

Rebecca had a history of asthma, he said, adding that it was unlikely his sister had died of food poisoning as her friends ate the same food as she did but did not fall sick.

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