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Thursday, Aug 28, 2014


Man burns house after failing to get phone repaired

The Star/ANN | Thursday, Aug 28, 2014

A family home in Miri was burnt after a man was peeved that his mobile phone could not be repaired, reported Kosmo!

In the 9pm incident on Tuesday, 20 people lost their homes and cars in the fire.

The suspect's 63-year-old father said he had gone to a phone shop with his youngest son but was told that the phone could not be fixed.

"My son was very disappointed and on our way back he made threats, including wanting to burn down our house.

"He also asked me to stop at a petrol station to buy some fuel. He told me it was to make bottle bombs, but I ignored him," said the father.

After returning home, he said he went to his relative's house about 500m away and shortly after, he heard a loud explosion.

"I was shocked to see my late wife's house on fire," he said, adding that his son fled after the blaze.

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