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Kiatisak Chua
Thursday, May 29, 2014


Man seriously injured after being slashed in coffee shop

The New Paper | Kiatisak Chua | Thursday, May 29, 2014

Low Khee Meng who was badly slashed arriving at Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital.

ALOR SETAR - A man suffered serious injuries after four unidentified men ambushed and attacked him in a coffee shop near Jalan Kilang Tebu on Thursday.

Low Khee Meng, 20, was having breakfast with a friend in a coffee shop at 10am when four men armed with parang ambushed them.

Low ran into the coffee shop's storeroom for cover while his friend, known only as Raajeswaran, 25, fled the coffee shop.

However, the assailants caught up with Low and slashed him at the back of the coffee shop while the owner watched in horror.

Raajeswaran managed to escape with minor injuries.

The coffee shop owner, who refused to be named, said Low and Raajeswaran just ordered their meal when four men came out of the car and attacked the duo.

The owner said he noticed the car had drove around the coffee shop more than three times before it stopped.

"The assailants ran from the scene after five minutes," he said.

Low was taken to the Sultanah Badlishah Hospital for treatment.

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