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Friday, Jun 13, 2014


Sex cartoons worrying parents

The Star/ANN | Friday, Jun 13, 2014

Posed photo of a girl sitting in front of a computer and surfing the internet.

Websites depicting cartoon drawings of people having sex or performing acts of incest are giving Malaysian parents a headache, Harian Metro reported.

"I found out that my Form Four son has been checking out these sites after I went through the browsing history on his computer," said Amin (not his real name), a father in his 40s.

"The drawings all look like Japanese hentai (a subgenre of manga and anime, which often depict explicit images)," he said.

Upon closer inspection, he found that the characters were dressed in religious robes and having sex.

"Even more alarming, the characters are also shown committing incest," he added.

Most of the websites originated from overseas, the report said, adding that the drawings all had their own storylines.

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