The Penang government wants Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants to be placed on land owned by the Federal Government. -The Star/ANN
She reportedly lashed out after the maid could not find certain clothing for her child. -The Star/ANN
A 30-year-old canopy dealer was brutally slashed by six men armed with parang on Friday. -The Star/ANN
Local telecommunication providers have agreed to make services affordable to Malaysians. -The Star/ANN
The visit, at the invitation of the Japanese government, follows increasing bilateral trade between Malaysia and Japan. -The Star/ANN
The National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) showed what could be done when ministries and agencies collaborated with each other: Najib. -The Star/ANN
The Prime Minister told a crowd of his supporters that he was an elected leader chosen by the people and Umno members. -The Star/ANN
Subramaniam had parked his motorcycle in front of a supermarket in Taman Puchong Perdana at nighty. 6 men with parang approached him and started attacking him. -The Star/ANN
Anyone found involved in the smuggling of cash or wiring of money associated with the UFUN scheme will be charged with money-laundering. -The Nation/ANN