According to Indonesian Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), 143 of the hotspots were found in Riau province on the central eastern coast of Sumatra and 268 in West Kalimantan in Borneo. -The Star/ANN
Flight phobia is on the rise in the country following a spate of air disasters. -The Star/ANN
Revised rates would be used for the cost and maintenance of the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) and other CIQ Complex-related facilities. -The Star/ANN
The choking haze has dampened Hari Raya celebrations and lessened the fun for many people who vented their frustration in cyberspace. -The Star/ANN
The bomb exploded bringing down the ceiling, breaking glass windows and damaging other ATMs and deposit machines. -The Star/ANN
There has been a 40% increase in patients with haze-related respiratory and skin problems. -The Star
Destroyed by shrapnel from a rocket attack which caused "massive explosive decompression". -The Star/ANN
They are still able to save since house prices here are lower than those across the border says R&F Properties sales executive Chan Fook Kee. -The Star/ANN
Kuala Lumpur residents wore face masks as protection from the choking smog, while visibility was low. -AFP
Clear, smooth roads all day made getting to destinations in the city a total breeze. -The Star/ANN