The Dutch Safety Board has announced that the next of kin are allowed to visit the plane wreckage at the Royal Netherlands Air Force base next week. -The Star/ANN
Dr Ahmad Zahid said addicts in the country now numbered some 1.4 million, with 21,227 new cases registered last year. -The Star/ANN
The retail price for both RON95 and diesel is now at RM1.95 - up from RM1.70 - while RON97 is now RM2.25, up from RM2. -The Star/ANN
"Labuan's potential is tremendous," Najib said, adding that the island was experiencing an economic boom as evident in the constant shortage of hotel rooms. -The Star/ANN
Earlier, MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said MCA would be sending new village chiefs to China to learn about new development models from their Chinese counterparts. -The Star/ANN
Dr Wee said the Education Ministry would carry out its own assessment before a decision was made and before the funds were released by the Finance Ministry. -The Star/ANN
SK Pykett Methodist was founded as part of the Anglo-Chinese School Penang of Methodist Boys School by Reverend B. H. Balderstone. -The Star/ANN
No one is compelled to embrace Islam, and it is wrong to force them to do so, says a Muslim group accused of trying to forcefully convert non-Muslims. -The Star/ANN
There are an estimated two million documented and two million or more undocumented migrant workers in Malaysia. -The Star/ANN
The latest service interruption occurred in the afternoon of Feb 24 when the brake system of one LRT train failed near the Abdullah Hukum station, causing a 90-minute service delay. -The Star/ANN