They shower gifts and money on their girlfriends but that's not what drives some Malaysian women crazy about African men. -The Star/ANN
Dr Wee said Sarawakians had contributed to the country in a big way and acknowledges that there are many areas in which Sarawak still lags behind other states. -The Star/ANN
Najib said the spirit of Merdeka was very crucial in the building of a multi-racial as well as multi-religious country and the only way to march forward is together. -The Star/ANN
The next six years are crucial in moving the country forward to an advanced high-income nation. -The Star/ANN
Racial unity in Malaysia should not be fostered by creating fear in the people. -The Star/ANN
Philip Morris (M) Sdn Bhd’s decision to maintain the price of its cigarettes so far hints of a breakaway from the industry’s traditional practice. -The Star/ANN
The incident is being investigated as a case of reckless driving. -TNP
Coffee shop manager Chong May Lon was unhurt in the bizarre incident. -TNP
A new book has claimed that the pilot of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 intentionally switched off the oxygen supply, killing himself and everyone on board. -Stomp
One group of folks from Ipoh, Perak endure back-breaking boat trips in Terengganu’s islands to enjoy marine beauty. -The Star/ANN