Immigration Department director general Datuk Mustafa Ibrahim has issued a stern warning to Malaysians with suspected links to the Islamic State (IS). -The Star/ANN
Of the 5,997 fishermen who lost their livelihood, 3,549 were from Penang. -The Star/ANN
The police have taken a big step towards crippling the notorious Mamak Gang with the arrest of its mastermind. -The Star/ANN
A po­­pular dessert during the Winter Solstice celebration, has moved with the times. -The Star/ANN
Women's groups are concerned with a report stating that 80,000 married women in Malaysia are still in their teens. -The Star/ANN
Almost a hundred animals, cramped into cages not much bigger than themselves, were rescued from a bungalow in what has been described as the "worst case of animal abuse" in Malaysia. -TNP
At least 10 other distinguished Malays have expressed an interest to join the group since the publication of its open letter to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on Dec 9. -The Star/ANN
The accident occurred over the famed sculpted rock formations of Cappadocia in the Guvercinlik Valley of Nevsehir province. -The Star/ANN
NCID officers found the stash hidden in a special compartment of a modified luggage bag at about 7.20pm in the Malaysian Airlines (MAS) cargo complex at KLIA. -The Star/ANN
A 39-year-old Malaysian man was before he could head to Syria to join the Islamic State. -The Star/ANN