Guidelines criticised as being unrealistic and damaging to the entertainment industry. -ST
The Malaysia-based carrier wants to expand its presence in fast-growing Indonesia. -AFP
Writer says it was improbable that the minds of youths could be corrupted if they attend concerts. -The Star/ANN
Group to focus on varsities; clarify meaning of jihad. -ST
Quirky weather conditions are expected to last until early May. -The Star/ANN
DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin praised Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for never shying away from the truth. -The Star/ANN
50 demonstrators had gathered outside a church in Taman Medan during its Sunday service. -The Star/ANN
Cross taken down after being accused of challenging Islam. -The Star/ANN
Plans are also afoot for an undersea tunnel between the mainland and island and for a few other expressways. -BT
Advice came after a recent case of a security guard who ran amok and killed a bank officer in Johor. -The Star/ANN