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Ng Si Hooi, Calvin Tan,
Saturday, Apr 26, 2014


Woman awakes from blazing dream and rescues kids from fire

The Star/ANN | Ng Si Hooi, Calvin Tan, | Saturday, Apr 26, 2014

A restaurant owner was dreaming of a fire only to awaken to an actual blaze in her shop in Dungun, Terengganu, reported Harian Metro.

Raja Kamariah Wan Jusoh, 55, said she was fast asleep with her two children in the shophouse on Thursday when the 3:20am incident occurred.

"I saw a fiery image in my sleep and awoke to find smoke coming from the ceiling.

"I thought the fire was just a dream but it turned out to be real. I jumped out of bed and shouted to my two children to get to safety," she told the Malay daily.

She then rushed outside the shop to open the main door and save her belongings but was shocked to see that the fire had spread to the neighbouring shop.

The fire was contained within 30 minutes by the Fire and Rescue Department but it destroyed the entrances of four shophouses, including two restaurants and two car spare-parts shops.


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