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Beh Yuen Hui, Nurbaiti Hamdan and A.Raman
Wednesday, Jul 2, 2014


Woman sends SMS to say she has run away from home

The Star/ANN | Beh Yuen Hui, Nurbaiti Hamdan and A.Raman | Wednesday, Jul 2, 2014

A 20-YEAR-OLD woman sent a text message to her mother early in the morning, saying she had run away from home to look for a job elsewhere.

Nor Hidayah Mat Saad was believed to have left her house in Bagan Tiang in Parit Buntar, Perak, between 2am and 4am on the first day of Ramadan, Berita Harian reported.

Her mother Azizah Che Rus, 46, received the SMS at 7.30am, which said:

"Dayah (Nor Hidayah) minta maaf sebab keluar dari rumah (I am sorry that I left home). I had to do so. I want to find a job further away. Besides, the factory is closing. If I were to ask father about this, he would not have approved.

"I am going with my friend. I will stay at the mother's house. I will send you money every month. Please give me your bank account number."

Azizah said she woke up at 4.30am to fix sahur meal for her family when she realised Nor Hidayah was not home.

A van driver who had often given Nor Hidayah a ride to the factory said she had not turned up for work that day.

Azizah said the family was worried about her safety as she had never been away from home like that.

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