Industries fear that the implementation of water rationing in factories will give rise to unscrupulous people selling water to companies at much higher rates. -The Star/ANN
Karpal Singh was the one responsible for getting his schoolmates together when they were studying at Singapore University then. -The Star/ANN
In his dream, he was walking with Karpal Singh by a beautiful beach; he believes the dream could be a sign that his grandfather had regained his ability to walk and had returned to God's side...
"After some thinking, I have realised that I have done something unethical and unacceptable," says MP. -The Star/ANN
Teen was having breakfast at a coffeeshop when an unidentified man splashed acid on her. -The Star/ANN
Karpal was an extremely hard-working lawyer who was truly dedicated to his profession, as he would always arrived early in court with the dictionary in hand. -The Star/ANN
Packed Easter Vigil mass saw hundreds of Catholics congregating to mark the occasion, which began with nine different readings in four languages and the singing of hymns. -The Star/ANN
All but one family member have returned home, as they had to go back to work and take care of their families. -The Star/ANN
The driver might have dozed off while driving, causing the express bus to flip over. -The Star/ANN
The maverick lawyer, Mr Karpal Singh, took on the role of Big Brother to local journalists, protecting us from powerful local figures who tried to intimidate us. -The Star/ANN