Services 190, 851, 961 and 970 will be diverted for the Mid-Autumn Festival 2014 Mass Lantern Walk. -AsiaOne
The accident occurred along Woodlands Avenue 12 at about 10am today. -Stomp
The cars, worth over $4.45m, were confiscated from their owners for evading taxes. -The Star/ANN
Multiple items were scattered across the road. -Stomp
Singaporeans who are handicapped and require a vehicle to travel to and from their place of employment are given a concession on the certificate of entitlement (COE). -TNP
Think you can do better than public transport operators in making our train, bus and taxi rides more pleasant? -ST
The passenger, who also underpaid his bus fare, tried to press the door control buttons and even went for the steering wheel. -AsiaOne
Through the sgCarMart Quotz platform, bidders can make their offers from their homes or offices. -ST
He allegedly said that he didn't care if pictures were taken of his van since it belonged to his company. -Stomp
Antitrust regulator's investigation prompts response from three giants. -China Daily/ANN