Fiery flames engulfed a motorcycle along Canberra Road in Sembawang yesterday morning, the latest in a string of incidents involving vehicles on fire. -Stomp
Mustang now wants to break into the equally crowded sports car segment in China. -AFP
Some roads and lanes will be closed to vehicular traffic at certain times tomorrow because of the JP Morgan Corporate Chase 2014. -AsiaOne
High-speed rail link allows Malaysians to visit their families more often. -TNP
At the ongoing Beijing International Motor Show, luxury automakers presented their aptitude for design and production of high-end vehicles through new brands and strong product offerings. -China...
A four-car accident claimed three lives, including an eight-month-old baby, along Jalan Haji Abdul Manan last night. -NST
Civil contracts have been awarded to build Mt Pleasant, Stevens and Maxwell stations on the Thomson Line. -ST
Driver reportedly braked suddenly because he missed a turn, and was honked at by the driver behind him. When confronted, he asked "Do you want to get hurt?" -Stomp
Car-booking app helps defray transport costs for those with limited mobility. -MyPaper
Dissatisfaction over transport and foreign workers still simmers - some say performance in these areas is now worse than in 2011. -ST