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Sunday, Sep 28, 2014

Transport, Singapore

Circle Line train floor covered with water due to leaking roof

Stomp | Sunday, Sep 28, 2014

Stomp contributor Carl was disgusted when the train he boarded this afternoon (Sep 27) was leaking water from the roof.

In a phone interview with Stomp, he said: "I boarded the Circle Line at around 4.20pm going towards Dhoby Ghaut station.

"At first, the roof was leaking just a few drops of water, then it got heavier.

"It was like someone left a tap running.

"I was disgusted as I wasn't sure what the liquid was.

"The leaking got heavier and two SMRT staff came in.

"One older staff mopped up the mess.

"The other passengers looked disgusted as well, and those who just entered the train had water dripped on them.

"I'm not sure where the water came from as it was sunny when I left the train."

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