Users who go over data caps usually face extra charges or slower Internet speeds. -Reuters
Chimpanzee numbers have slumped from some two million to just 300,000. -AFP
It is rated IP67 for water and dust resistance, hence the Mi Band can survive the occasional swimming sessions. -Hardware Zone
Huawei's strong growth in smartphone shipments confirms the challenge facing market leader Samsung Electronics. -Reuters
From scale models, to working guns, prosthetic limbs, hearing aids and even an entirely 3D-printed 3D printer, the possibilities for 3D printing look limitless. But how does it work? -Hardware Zone
The new printing option taps into a broader 'Maker movement' that is focused on customising 3D objects rather than development software or mobile applications. -Reuters
Singapore scientists on quest for super-thin materials that can revolutionise industry. -ST
Assoc Prof Pitinan Suttasarn says teachers must encourage their students to practice Thai on a regular basis. -The Nation/ANN
It could be one of the biggest US companies to fall under the eye of Chinese regulators as they ramp up their oversight in an apparent attempt to protect local companies and customers. -Reuters
Under current law, someone who unlocks their phone without permission could face legal ramifications, including jail. -Reuters