As newspapers cling to their "ancient" business model, organisations like Facebook are making the news more personal. -AFP
Android-powered smartphones or tablets are being targeted with malicious software that puts them at the mercy of hacker overlords. -AFP
Symantec said its research showed that a "nation state" was likely the developer of the malware called Regin. -Reuters
The social media could be abused as a tool to force the collapse of governments as in the Middle East. -The Star/ANN
Clean and well-organised. That was Serguei Beloussov's impression of Singapore when he first arrived in the country 20 years ago. -Digital Life, Straits Times
More SMEs are using data analytics tools to visualise data and glean business insights to make better decisions. -Digital Life, Straits Times
Digital tools and software take away focus on memory work, says don. -ST
Sex should be considered as an extension of normal exercise: doctor. -The Star/ANN
Samsung had accused Nvidia of infringing several of its chip-related patents and for making false claims about its products. -Reuters
Casio officials said they will put the software into practical use at a date to be decided. -Yomiuri Shinbun/ANN