Singapore and the IAEA have been collaborating to jointly provide technical assistance to other developing IAEA member states to promote the safe use of nuclear technologies since 2000. -AsiaOne
It is a new sign of a long-term rise in temperatures linked to man-made emissions of greenhouse gases. -Reuters
WeChat recently posted a (not too) subtle jab at WhatsApp and its recently launched web client on WeChat's official blog. -Hardware Zone
Samsung will be responsible for around 75 per cent of the chip production for the next iPhone, the South Korean newspaper said. -Reuters
Hi-tech made possible for blind woman to see her newborn baby. -AFP
Digital Life takes a look at creative products that Sweden's start-ups have developed. -Digital Life, Straits Times
Battery life topped out at 8hr 20mins similar to the iPad Air 2 and should last longer if you turn on power-saving mode. -Digital Life, Straits Times
The speaker's strong bass and mid-range response make up for its weak treble performance. -Digital Life, Straits Times
Digital life compiles the newest products of the week suitable for all users. -Digital Life, Straits Times
It is slightly wider than older Fitbits, with a textured elastomer wristband and a more secure-stainless steel clasp. -Digital Life, Straits Times