Detection and removal of an infection is probably the domain of IT folks, but users can do their part by not installing pirated plugins or themes. -AsiaOne
The non-binding resolution in the European Parliament is the strongest public signal yet of Europe's concern with the growing power of US tech giants. -Reuters
Radio telescopes on Earth will beam 90,000 messages to Mars on Friday to commemorate the launch 50 years ago of the first robotic probe to visit the planet. -Reuters
LG Group had conducted its annual executive reshuffle and appointed LG Electronics home entertainment president Ha Hyun-hwoi as LG Corp. president. -Korea Herald/ANN
Archaeologists stumbled on the Paleolithic-era sculpture during a dig in the summer in Amiens, the first such find in half a century. -AFP
Velox-CI will be Singapore's first climate satellite, while Velox II is an experimental communication satellite. -ST
The Evil Within is a game released several years too late. -Digital Life, Straits Times
It was over three years ago when I first encountered the concept of a third-party taxi-booking app. -Digital Life, Straits Times
Wristwatches with smartphone functions cast off their geeky image as sleek new models enter the market. -Digital Life, Straits Times
While no screws are visible from the outside, the Nexus 6 sports 22 screws holding the two halves of the phone together. -AsiaOne