Using virtual reality to add "real world" challenges to psychotherapy sessions may enhance the treatment's effect for people learning to cope with workplace stress. -Reuters
But compared with Google's innovation, which requires no driver at all, Baidu's car will be 'highly autonomous', serving mainly as an aid to drivers. -China Daily/ANN
The 5 megapixel camera on the front of the device is much more powerful than Apple's iPhone 5, and the Microsoft phone's screen is larger. -Reuters
Upset over its ebook prices, Amazon has delayed deliveries and cut discounts on some books published by Hachette. -Reuters
The prominent atheist and author provoked angry responses on the social media site after a series of tweets comparing assaults. -AFP
OKCupid had conducted experiments on its users, including a test to see whether its assessment of their matchability led to successful dating. -Reuters
The government did not provide details as to the nature of China's alleged cyber intrusions. -AFP
The government and major publishers will jointly crack down on online piracy, demanding that operators of web sites illegally offering Japanese manga and anime remove such sites. -Yomiuri Shimbun/ANN
But mystery surrounds the probe, with industry experts and lawyers questioning what, if any, violations Microsoft can have made in China, where the size of its business is negligible. -Reuters
OkCupid, a top US matchmaking website, intentionally mismatched users to test its technology. -Reuters