Sex should be considered as an extension of normal exercise: doctor. -The Star/ANN
Samsung had accused Nvidia of infringing several of its chip-related patents and for making false claims about its products. -Reuters
Casio officials said they will put the software into practical use at a date to be decided. -Yomiuri Shinbun/ANN
Your credit card is warmed up and you have sussed out great Black Friday deals. The question is, how do you ship the items back to Singapore? -ST
The Asus Zenbook series started out a few years ago as a line of ultrabooks - very portable thin-and-light notebooks. -Digital Life, Straits Times
The Sims 4 is a sandbox simulator that lets you create and control an entire town full of virtual citizens. -Digital Life, Straits Times
Your squad is assigned to investigate the murder of a fellow ranger and find some missing radio equipment. -Digital Life,straits Times
Unless you are a multi-millionaire, zipping along the French Riviera in an Italian supercar will only be a dream. -Digital Life, Straits Times
An Android tablet with a large 13-inch display is unusual enough and Lenovo goes even further by building a projector into its new Yoga slate. -Digital Life, Straits Times
The display has a whopping resolution of 5,120 x 2,880 pixels. -Digital Life, Straits Times