Washington remains dependent on the Russian engines since it could take years and billions of dollars to design and build a US-built alternate engine. -Reuters
The findings in the journal Science Translational Medicine are based on studies of mice with stomach cancer. -AFP
The FBI’s alert to healthcare companies did not identify any specific victims targeted by hackers. -Reuters
Digital Ally Inc has been busy fielding a rush of enquiries from US police departments this past week about its wearable cameras. -Reuters
Nguyen is back with a new game and it seems from first impressions that this new game is just as hard, or worse, harder. -Hardware Zone
IT manager loses over $1k to scammer 'selling' mobile phones -TNP
Apple has been rumored to be working on a mobile payments system for a while, so there could still be some truth to this rumour. -Hardware Zone
Technology can be a useful tool in competing for both customers and staff in the service sector. But technology should not dominate the customer experience or seek to replace staff. -ST
Online shoppers can buy a good deed as group-buying sites tie up with charities. -ST
The Galaxy S5 4G+ is the first handset globally to be compatible with 4G LTE-Advanced networks. -Hardware Zone