Comex, Singapore's biggest IT and consumer electronics exhibition, saw a large turnout and strong sales over the weekend on its 20th anniversary. -ST
Sales dipping in saturated market as big-screen phones gain in popularity. -ST
This new drug can potentially can cut the number of deaths, improve patients' life quality and reduce the likelihood of them being readmitted to hospital. -ST
News that Apple will stage a mystery unveiling of its own on September 9 is likely to upstage any of the announcements made by its rivals at the Berlin show. -AFP
GIC has invested $130 million in KKBOX, a provider of music streaming services in Asia. -Digital Life, The Straits Times
Within business analytics, a new and fast-growing area of specialisation is "message intelligence". -BT
Inspired by the elderly-friendly traffic lights, students developed a priority-seat system called Tap 'N' Sit. -BT
Users could pull and push objects that are not really there. -AFP
If you are looking for an affordable 4G smartphone with a bigger display, the Sony Xperia T3 can be one of your considerations. -Hardware Zone
The tool could replace the laborious, error-prone method by which a lab technician looks for malaria parasites in blood through a microscope. -AFP