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The disruption started Christmas Day, PlayStation and Xbox said on their Twitter feeds, adding that they were working to restore service. -AFP
Cyberdefence experts, diplomats and policymakers reportedly worked through the weekend at Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's office to launch the effort. -Reuters
For around five minutes, visitors can relive the smells and sounds believed to have surrounded four famous deaths. -AFP
Japan has confirmed offshore reserves of methane hydrate-natural gas trapped in frozen deposits-in the Sea of Japan. -The Wall Street Journal
A hacker group, called Lizard Squad, claimed responsibility. -Reuters
Looking at the current crop of phablets, it's interesting to see how far they've come from what was once a very niche category; almost every flagship today are phablets. -Brunei Times/ANN
After cyber-attack on nuclear power plant operator, S Korea seeks China's cooperation after Internet addresses traced to Chinese city near N Korea. -Reuters
The number of reported hacking attacks peaked between February and April. -Korea Herald/ANN