Under current law, someone who unlocks their phone without permission could face legal ramifications, including jail. -Reuters
If you find the typical external hard drive inadequate in storing all your data, WD has a high-end desktop storage solution, called the My Book Duo. ­-Digital Life, The Straits Times
If smartwatches usually turn you off, the Martian Notifier might change your mind. ­-Digital Life, The Straits Times
Some national regulators and lawyers have said Google's approach waters down the effectiveness of the ruling given how easy it is to switch between the different versions. -Reuters
Founded by rap mogul Dr. Dre and music producer Jimmy Iovine in 2006, Beats headphones have become popular with music fans. -Reuters
Despite its strange design, the grip is quite comfortable. On the downside, the weight distribution is uneven when you use the camera with one hand. ­-Digital Life, The Straits Times
We take a look at six popular models to find out which can best help keep your home clean. -Hardware Zone
The Navibot Corner Clean VR10F71 was the quietest robotic vacuum cleaner in this shootout, measuring just 67 decibels whereas its competitors were mostly in the high 70s. -Hardware Zone
The XV Signature Pro also has very strong suction power and this means that despite not having sweeping brushes, it could clean just as effectively. -Hardware Zone
A decent budget 4G handset that runs Windows Phone 8.1 smoothly, the Lumia 635 is suitable for less demanding users.­ -Digital Life, The Straits Times