Facebook Inc also allows verified immediate family members to request the removal of a deceased person's Facebook account. -Reuters
Hold Security said on Aug. 5 that it obtained the credentials from a criminal gang that it has dubbed CyberVor, which focuses on stealing login credentials. -Reuters
Google's effort is partly driven by the fact that some parents are already trying to create accounts for their children and the company wants to make the process easier and compliant with the...
Domestic telecom carriers currently squeezed by paying Apple, Samsung. -China Daily/ANN
It was "successfully hacked" three times in recent years in attacks involving tainted emails. -Reuters
New business models to propel growth of market here and globally. -ST
Now that the option to shop and ship to Singapore is available, does it really offer the advantage that shoppers were hoping for? -Hardware Zone
The core platform components were working properly throughout and only a small subset of customers were affected by the outage, Microsoft said. -Reuters
Nearly 1,200 authors signed an open letter in which they accused Amazon of "taking writers hostage" in its pricing battle. -AFP