The high-end system servers are said to be 50 times faster than its closest competitor at analysing data. -Reuters
Mobile devices' popularity prompts MDA proposal to improve parental controls -ST
A committee is being formed to look into the "Internet of Things" phenomenon. -ST
While VPNs are not difficult to set up for a single device, they become tricky to establish across a series of computers and smartphones. -ST
The HTC One M8, according to reviews, looks better, feels better to hold in the hand, and of course has an extremely refined software to compliment. -The Brunei Times/ANN
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin could reduce colorectal cancer risks. -AFP
New rules to stop online piracy are being proposed. But the tech-savvy will find ways around the blocks. -Digital Life, The Straits Times
With the feature, Facebook takes a page from other location-based services including the network Foursquare. -AFP
Apple will spend an additional $37 billion to buy back shares of the company's stock. -AFP
IDA said "there is significant consumer confusion over the service plans they signed up for". -ST