Oculus inhabits a warped world in which reality becomes indistinguishable from illusion. -TNP
Guy Sebastian has set his sights on breaking into the US market properly. -TNP
The Muppets are back in another movie, but tensions run high among the cast members. -ST
Andrew Garfield says he's finally ready to remove his Spider-Man mask and be recognised. -TNP
Our resident DJ/journo is thrilled that Prince actually wants to be Prince again. -TNP
A heart operation prompted producer Neo Kim Seng to come up with Decimal Points 810. -ST
Young, rising Hong Kong star Cherry Ngan plays down her success in indie movie The Way We Dance. -ST
Message films are being reshaped into stories to touch hearts. -ST
About 70 comedians will tickle audiences in two stand-up comedy festivals. -ST
Emma Stone has always taken on strong female roles in her career, giving her much success. -TNP