He has found a way to be more prolific and imaginative than artists under no restrictions at all. -My Paper
He said during his first interview that previous attempts to apologise to the Korean public had been misrepresented by the media. -Korea Herald/ANN
His character is stealing the hearts of the lead female characters in the KBS drama "The Producers". -Korea Herald/ANN
George Miller's high-velocity film sees the English actor in a role that's anything but subtle. -The Star/ANN
They are striving to take its amalgamation of traditional Korean instrumentation and modern music to new heights. -Korea Herald/ANN
Artistes such as G.E.M. Tang, Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu all shared their childhood photos in a project for a charitable cause. -Lollipop
Intensely private actor James Wen would reveal only that his life is complete with a child. -ST
While recording his fourth album, YouTube singer-songwriter David Choi did not shave for six months. -ST
In the music video, Tsai and Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin lock lips in a wedding setting. -ST