Local duo Trick write original music but put out English versions of Korean pop songs on YouTube to gain attention. -ST
Taiwanese personality Chen Meifen got fans and netizens' jaws dropping when she posted a photo of herself in a sizzling hot-pink bikini. -Lollipop
Five years ago, Alex Minsky was a marine who lost his leg during combat. -Lollipop
Korean variety show Roommate puts 11 stars under one roof, but nothing much happens. -ST
Pint-sized, bubbly singer Ariana Grande says negative publicity is part and parcel of being in the big league. -ST
Hong Kong TV actress Linda Chung (right) ditches her nice-girl persona for bolder, edgier roles. -TNP
Director James Cameron, famed for on-set tantrums, tells what drives him to dive into the deepest point on earth. -ST
American indie rockers Interpol and indie darling Karen O go back to their music roots. -ST
Jane Fonda, who plays a lusty mum in This Is Where I Leave You, often makes her real-life children blush. -ST
Retiree, 67, struts her stuff at Singapore Cosplay Club Grand Walk. -TNP