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Claire Yip
Saturday, Apr 12, 2014

Showbiz, Singapore

Award all smoke and mirrors?

The New Paper | Claire Yip | Saturday, Apr 12, 2014

Want to know how you can make magicians disappear?

Just win an international award for magic and watch peer approval vanish.

That's what happened to Mr S Chandran, self-professed magician extraordinaire.

In a business where everyone wants to be the one, Mr Chandran bagged the Merlin Award from the International Magicians Society (IMS).

It is an international recognition for excellence in their field and the 33-year-old is the latest local magician to win.

IMS founder and president Tony Hassini flew into Singapore to present Mr Chandran the award last Sunday.

Mr Chandran was named Best Variety Entertainer, a title created just for him.

He said he carved out a niche for himself in the industry by having an assortment of characters in his performances.

"Customers have a lot of choice with so many of my characters," he said, adding, "I don't think I have any competitors in this aspect."

And judging by the reaction to him winning the award, not many friends in the industry either.

Created in 1968, the award is not without controversy.

Titles have been created in a seemingly ad-hoc basis and, some years, the Best Magician award is given to more than one person.

There are a number of ways one can win the award.

According to the IMS website, recipients can pay to attend an award dinner in the US after getting voted in. In other instances, IMS will fly to meet the magicians to hand them the award.

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