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Tuesday, Oct 14, 2014


Ballet performed by the blind

AsiaOne | Tuesday, Oct 14, 2014

Blind student Marina Gimaraes performed in 'Corsario' e 'Paquitas'.

SINGAPORE - They might be blind or hampered by other forms of handicap, but this did not deter them from dancing in a ballet.

Members of the Association of Ballet and Arts for the Blind, like blind student Marina Gimaraes, performed 'Corsario' and 'Paquitas' during celebrations marking Brazil's Children's Day. It was held at the Italo Theater in Sao Paulo on Oct 12, reported Reuters.

The association was founded by Brazilian ballerina and physiotherapist Fernanda Bianchini in 1995, when she decided to teach classical ballet to the blind for free.

Since then, her classes have been opened to the deaf and mute, and even to children and youths with other handicaps.

Bianchini told Reuters that the school's main goal for its students was for them to improve their posture, balance, spatial sense and self-esteem, in addition to breaking barriers and prejudices about people with handicaps.

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