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Thursday, Apr 17, 2014


EXO gives fans an 'overdose'

The Korea Herald/ANN | Thursday, Apr 17, 2014

The members of EXO perform at their comeback showcase at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on Tuesday.

SEOUL- Jamsil Indoor Stadium was filled to the brim with deafening screams on Tuesday night as thousands of fans flocked to the arena to witness the 12 members of EXO in the group's latest showcase.

Around 8,000 young K-pop lovers attended the "EXO Comeback Show" to see their beloved K-pop idols perform live and hear the newest singles off EXO's soon-to-be-released six-track EP "Overdose." As soon as the members took to the stage with back-to-back performances of their hit tracks "Wolf" from their first studio album and debut single "History," the crowd went wild ― too wild in fact.

While the group fed the audience's EXO addiction, huge waves of fans who had been waiting anxiously on the arena floor tried to push through to get a better glimpse of their idols. However, the ceaseless pushing resulted in a number of young girls being injured and having to be carried out by the stadium staff. This forced EXO to continually plead with their fans not to push toward the stage.

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