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Mohd Al Qayum Azizi, L. Suganya
Thursday, Jun 12, 2014


I was physically, mentally abused, claims husband of Malaysian actress

The Star/ANN | Mohd Al Qayum Azizi, L. Suganya | Thursday, Jun 12, 2014

Scratch marks on the arms and face of Muhammad Noor Farhan.

PETALING JAYA - Local artist Abby Abadi's ex-husband Muhammad Noor Farhan Che Bakar is claiming that the actress abused him physically and mentally when they were married, leading to their divorce.

The 24-year-old said that Abby, whose real name is Arbaiyah Abd Manan, first assaulted him in January when she bruised his face by throwing a bunch of keys at him.

He added that the second incident happened on May 17, where Abby scratched his face and arms when he refused to discuss their divorce case, which he requested for via SMS.

"Physical and emotional abuse were the main reasons I divorced her," he told mStar Online at the Gombak Timur lower Syariah Court.

Syariah judge Shaiful Azli Jamaludin on Wednesday ruled that the divorce, sought via SMS on May 9, was valid.

Muhammad made police report at the Ampang police station of the second attack by his ex-wife on the day of the incident.

"I do not want to bring up the issue to the court but merely made the report as a precautionary measure. Abby also knows of the report," he said.

He added that his arguments with Abby usually occurred when the latter had financial difficulties and said hurtful things to him.

Muhammad also said that he no longer loved his ex-wife and wanted to move on.

"I have had enough. She hurt me and I do not have any love for her," he said.

Abby and Muhammad were married in southern Thailand on July 9 last year.

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