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Ha Ji-won
Monday, Jun 16, 2014


Song Hye-kyo declares opening of Shanghai Film Festival

The Korea Herald/ANN | Ha Ji-won | Monday, Jun 16, 2014

South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo.

South Korea's actress Song Hye-kyo launched Shanghai International Film Festival on Saturday.

Song took the microphone following Jackie Chan as a representative of all Asian actresses.

"A movie is like a trip for me. I find joy discovering the variety of sceneries in the film. I hope you find wonderful (new insights into your) self through Asian movies," Song said in her congratulatory address, which moved the whole crowd.

In addition to SIFF's exceptional love for Song, her dress and style also caught the eyes of the public.

Her white tube-dress and hair worn half up reminded spectators of a Greek goddess, with her prominent shoulder line and collarbone adding to her elegant yet feminine look.

SIFF is dubbed one of Asia's top three international film fests together with Korea's Pusan International Film Festival and Japan's Tokyo International Film Festival.

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