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Friday, Jul 4, 2014


T-Ara’s Soyeon sparks plastic surgery rumor

The Korea Herald/ANN | Friday, Jul 4, 2014

K-pop group T-ara.

T-Ara member Soyeon discussed her disputed photos that sparked debates over whether she had additional plastic surgery after her debut in 2009.

"I think one (nice) photo out of 50 photos that I took caused the misunderstanding. I upload photos that seem good and that don't look like me so that might have been the problem. I'll concentrate on preparing for (acting or singing) activities rather than selfies. I hope there's no misunderstanding," Soyeon said on her Twitter.

Soyeon's pictures grabbed attention when the singer uploaded two pictures to her Instagram on June 27 which looked much different from her recent appearance.

T-Ara has not performed together as a whole group with a new song since February, continuing to work on individual pursuits in singing and acting.

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