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Ng Si Hooi,
Monday, Jun 2, 2014


Upcoming singer Lufya Omar deflects controversy over friendship with prince

The Star/ANN | Ng Si Hooi, | Monday, Jun 2, 2014

Upcoming singer and Akademi Fantasia participant Lufya Omar (pic) has admitted that she is in a relationship with a member of royalty, albeit as friends only, amidst huge controversy surrounding it, reports Mingguan Malaysia's entertainment section Pancaindera.

In an exclusive interview, Lufya said however she was worried that her relationship with the member of the royal family, said to be a prince, could lead the public to view her as a materialistic woman.

"It is not wrong for single woman to befriend whoever she likes.

"I am sincerely friends with him. But if people say scandalous things about it, I am unable to comment," she was quoted as saying.

She said the prince was a family friend and that they had known each other for a very long time.

"As of now, I am not ready for love. My only love now is my career," she said, adding that she would be appearing on the Ramadan Jangan Pergi drama series on TV3 soon.

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