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Jason Johnson
Friday, Apr 25, 2014


Welcome back, Prince

The New Paper | Jason Johnson | Friday, Apr 25, 2014

Prince and his band 3rdEyeGirl present the award for British Female Solo Artist at the BRIT Awards, celebrating British pop music, at the O2 Arena in London February 19, 2014.

I remember the year when I started thinking Prince was ****. It was 1989.

He did the soundtrack album for the movie Batman. It was ludicrous.

The US singer-songwriter's sprightly fusion of pop and funk was completely inappropriate for the Goth-flavoured flick.

Batdance? It was more like a Batprance.

Batman don't prance, yo.

I wanted The Cure to do the soundtrack, to the point that I would actually play The Cure's Disintegration album while watching Batman on video.

Admittedly, I wasn't in a good place mental health-wise at that point in my life.

Prince's last big hit was The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, way back in 1994 - 20 years ago.

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