Mr Wilson Chan was upset that he was told to pay $30k before the surgery could proceed, and later went onto the hospital Facebook page to complain. -TNP
Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said that this will make it easier for NS men to train for IPPT and for more of them to pass. But has it become too easy? -ST Razor
Felicia, a 35-year-old unmarried consultant, has had three abortions and each time, guilt and shame sent her into a deep funk. -ST
The other cabby said he was driving carefully as that road junction was known to be a dangerous zone. -Stomp
The programme comprises two years of studies at WMG in Britain, and two years based in A*Star's SIMTech to conduct applied research. -AsiaOne
The last trains on the North-South-East-West Lines will depart City Hall station at 12.30am. -AsiaOne
Anti-slip floor stickers and hot/cold packs that help in easing muscular pains. These are but some of the $120,000 worth of products that 1,200 low-income families will receive from 3M. -YourHealth
The products, which are used for pain relief, are Joint-soft, Ke Bi Gu Tai Jiao Nang and Pil Raja Urat Asli. -YourHealth
They will get new entrances and facilities such as lifts and sheltered link bridges. -AsiaOne
Lack of imagination in thinking up pass codes exposes many to thieves and scammers. -AsiaOne