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2 Bangladeshi men jailed for financing terrorism

AsiaOne | Tuesday, Aug 30, 2016

Zzaman Daulat (left), 34, was in the group's security council while Mamun Leakot Ali, 30, was the group's deputy leader.

Photo: Ministry of Home Affairs

SINGAPORE - Two Bangladeshi workers detained under the Internal Security Act in April pleaded guilty today (Aug 30) to charges of financing terrorism.

They had previously denied the charges and claimed trial.

Zzaman Daulat, 34, and Mamun Leakot Ali, 29, were among six workers who were charged in May under the Terrorism (Suppression of Financing) Act.

The group called themselves the Islamic State in Bangladesh and were collecting or providing money to fund terrorist attacks back home.

Mamun was the group's deputy leader, while Zzaman was in the group's security council, The Straits Times reported.

The other four pleaded guilty and were sentenced in June.  It was the first time anyone had been convicted under the Act.

Zzaman and Mamum were jailed 24 months and 30 months respectively, with their sentences backdated to May 27.

Their lawyers, Noor Marican and Ramesh Tiwary who represented them pro bono, pleaded for lenient sentences, saying both men were deeply apologetic to Singapore for causing fear and harm through their actions.

Two other Bangladeshi men detained in April have not been formally charged.


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