SingPost's postage rates have not seen any adjustments since eight years ago. -ST
It has promoted investment, tourist and trade flows between Singapore and Brunei. -AsiaOne
It is refreshing and the guava notes really stand out, although there is more apple juice in it than Feijoa. -ST
The sausage one has a healthy whack of sage, presumably from the pork and sage sausage flavour it is supposed to mimic. -ST
Each pack is divided into three oval tubs of tofu flavoured with zest from the fruit. -ST
It has the consistency of thick kaya but the sweetness is kept in tight rein. -ST
The term of office will be from Oct 2014 to Oct 2017. -AsiaOne
Pamela Krisna feels incredibly blessed to have a baby girl after enduring an emotional roller coaster of operations, disappointments and daily injections. -Simply Her
Through the sgCarMart Quotz platform, bidders can make their offers from their homes or offices. -ST
Tapas bar A.T.O.S. at Royal Plaza on Scotts focuses on Asian flavours. -ST