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Melody Ng
Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014


African wild dog escapes from zoo enclosure

The New Paper | Melody Ng | Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014

An African wild dog escaped from its enclosure on Saturday morning, causing the temporary closure of the Singapore Zoo's main entrance.

A reader told The New Paper that the animal had escaped from its exhibit at about 8.45am, when there were already visitors at the zoo.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore, which manages the zoo, said in a statement that an African Painted Dog - another name for the African wild dog - left its enclosure at about 8.50am and keepers "activated safety protocols immediately".

The movement of the animal, which was restricted to Wild Africa and Tropical Crops zones, was tracked throughout the incident, the statement added.

By 9.20am, the animal was rounded up by the keepers and confined. Wildlife Reserves Singapore said no visitors, staff or animals were hurt in the incident.

If members of the public encounter an escaped animal, Animal Concerns Research and Education Society said: "Remain calm and back away slowly. Do not make any sudden movements or noise, or run away."

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