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Melissa Lin
Wednesday, Jun 4, 2014


Bask in nature's glory at Jurong Eco-Garden

The Straits Times | Melissa Lin | Wednesday, Jun 4, 2014

Visitors at the Jurong Eco-Garden, a 5ha park, whose features include a freshwater swamp, a butterfly garden and walking trails. It is an ideal place for residents and visitors to come together and enjoy the outdoors. The eco garden's design represents a first for a garden in an industrial park in Singapore.

SINGAPORE - Residents living in the West can now go for strolls and enjoy nature at a new eco-friendly park next to Nanyang Technological University.

At the Jurong Eco-Garden, which is the size of about seven football fields, are features including a freshwater swamp, streams, ponds and a butterfly garden. There are also walking trails and a summit lookout with a bird's-eye view of the park.

The eco-garden, a project by JTC Corp, forms the "green lung" of its CleanTech Park, an industrial estate dedicated to the research and development of sustainable solutions. Its design represents a first for a garden in an industrial park in Singapore.

When creating the park, JTC sought to strike a balance between developmental needs and the natural environment, said chief executive Png Cheong Boon.

The site was once a secondary forest, meaning that it had already been affected by human activity.

A freshwater swamp, for example, serves as a detention pond for rainwater run-off. About 65 per cent of the run-off is captured, filtered and channelled for toilet flushing, irrigation of plants and outdoor washing, said Mr Png.

Other sustainable features there include the rocks used for the summit lookout, which were excavated from JTC's other building projects and reused. Wood from felled trees on the site was reused for signage and park furniture.

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