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Blue water in Bishan canal caused by spilled paint at Jalan Pemimpin factory

Stomp | Friday, May 30, 2014

SINGAPORE - The Public Utilities Board (PUB) has found the cause of striking blue water in Bishan's canal yesterday, May 29, and has cleared up the drain.

Stomp contributor Pauline had spotted the bright artificial blue colour of the canal at Binchang Rise, and was concerned about what happened.

In response to the Stomp article "What caused this? Canal in Bishan turns into a shocking, artificial blue" dated May 29, PUB's checks have revealed that paint had tipped over into the drain at one of the factories at Jalan Pemimpin.

This is their reply in full:

"PUB detected a blue discharge in a drain at Clover Way at 5.30pm. PUB officers were mobilised to site immediately to investigate.

"Initial checks revealed that the discharge came from paint that had tipped over into the drain at one of the factories at Jalan Pemimpin.

"A tanker was mobilised to contain and clear up the discharge.

"By 8.20pm, we had cleared up the drain. Water samples have been collected for laboratory tests.

"PUB and NEA are investigating the incident.

"PUB would like to assure the public that it has a comprehensive monitoring system to monitor the quality of the raw water in our reservoirs and the raw water is treated at the waterworks to World Health Organisation drinking water quality guidelines before it is supplied to households."

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