SLA had announced in February this year that the historical site would be open to the public on all public holidays. -AsiaOne
Fashion designer Daniel Ngoo wants Whole9Yards to hold its own on the global stage. -Urban,ST
Green polish can add an interesting touch to your outfit. -Urban,ST
SPH has formed a new unit called SPH Golf to run golf events as well as produce monthly golf specials to appear in three of its newspapers. -AsiaOne
The latest fragrances to help you stay fresh on warm days. -Urban,ST
The portal allows consumers to compare the premiums and features of similar life insurance products at a glance. -ST
Polaris, which sells mobile devices and electronics, is controlled by Sugiono Wiyono, president director of Trikomsel. -Reuters
In this year's second payout, eligible families in Housing Board flats will get rebates of between $45 and $65. -ST
The brand claims that the collagen in its drink is easily absorbed by the body and more effective. -Urban,ST
Four changes that were announced last September have now taken effect. -ST