A larger imbalance is on the horizon and could cause COE prices to spike by 2020 unless something is done to smoothen the annual COE supply. -ST
Foster families such as Madam Norli's provide shelter, stability and love to children who have been abandoned, neglected or ill-treated. -ST
Managing partner of top law firm relishes his role in the arts scene. -ST
This is a mock-up flat, on the premises of the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (Minds) in Lorong Napiri. -ST
Over 450 Queenstown residents sign petition by civic group for more space at old wet market building. -ST
While they lauded measures like the raising of income tax by two percentage points, they urged even bolder action on these fronts. -ST
SG Enable looking at ways to keep them and caregivers in the know about assistive devices, technology. -ST
I was a contributor — but not by choice. -TNP
Affected firms have one year to bring share price above 20 cents. -ST