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Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014


Chinese edition of LKY's One Man's View of the World to be released

AsiaOne | Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014

SINGAPORE - The Chinese edition of former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew's latest book will be available for purchase from April 17 this year.

Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH) announced today the release of the Chinese edition of its best seller "One Man's View of the World".

The 400-page volume - which conveys Mr Lee's views on the future of the major powers and regions of the world - is the latest in a series of books published by SPH on Mr Lee.

The English edition was launched in August 2013 and has to date sold more than 50,000 copies. It was top on the non-fiction best sellers list.

The book is made up of 11 chapters. The first seven cover countries or regions: China, the United States, Europe, other Asian powers (Japan, India and Korea), South-east Asia, Singapore and the Middle East.

Mr Lee also gives his views on the global economy and energy and climate change. Mr Lee, who turns 90 in September, also reflects candidly on life and death.

The final chapter is a conversation between him and an old friend, former Chancellor of West Germany Helmut Schmidt, on leadership and on Europe.

The Chinese edition will be available at leading bookstores for $39.90 (inclusive of GST) from tomorrow onwards. Online shoppers can also order the book from the Straits Times Press Online Bookstore at www.stpressbooks.com.sg.

The English edition of One Man's View is also available at bookstores and at www.stpressbooks.com.sg.

The book will be made available in Malaysia one week after its Singapore release.


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