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Saturday, Oct 11, 2014


Excavator hits pipe, water spews onto road along Woodlands Drive

Stomp | Saturday, Oct 11, 2014

Gallons of water was spotted gushing out onto the road after a mishap at a construction site near Woodlands Drive 16.

Stomp contributor Benedict said an excavator had accidentally hit a pipe causing a slight flooding at the road's turn-off.

He told Stomp: "The recent construction work done to the vicinity of Woodlands Drive 16 and 17 for the new MRT line has caused a slight inconvenience for motorists.

"At around 5.30pm, an excavator hit a water pipe which spewed gallons of water into the streets of Drive 16, causing a slight flooding at the turn-off into Drive 16.

"It took them more than an hour to turn off the water."

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