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Maureen Koh
Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014


Getai gets classy thanks to Royston Tan

The New Paper | Maureen Koh | Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014

Local award-winning film-maker Royston Tan, 37, was the show’s artistic director.

Mexico has its Day of the Dead festival, Brazil has the Rio Carnival.

Singapore has the fun and glamorous getai. And, boy, was it glitzy last night at the annual Shin Min-Wanbao Getai Awards.

Imagine a giant "bak chang" (rice dumpling) spaceship being rolled out on stage to the song, Sio Bak Chang (hot rice dumpling), accompanied by a troupe of 35 dancers, to bursts of pyrotechnics.

And then veteran getai star Liu Lingling bursting out in a costume covered in LED lights.

That was just the opening act of an annual event which honours the best local getai talents in the entertainment scene here.

The hall at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre was filled to capacity with 6,000 people breaking into loud cheers as Liu made her grand entrance.

Local award-winning film-maker Royston Tan, 37, was the show's artistic director. He is the same man who, seven years ago, gave getai a new lease of life with his hit movie 881.

And he injected a huge dose of fun last night.

He told The New Paper: "This year is the seventh anniversary of 881 and I am pleased I was given the opportunity to revisit getai on a different level.

"I also wanted it to be really dramatic to mark (veteran getai star) Liu Lingling's entrance.

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