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Thursday, Jan 30, 2014

Singapore, Specials

Local band gives new spin to old Chinese New Year playlists

Stomp | Thursday, Jan 30, 2014

SINGAPORE - With the Chinese New Year a day away, one can expect to hear the usual traditional songs for the festive season played out on the speakers almost everywhere.

One band, however, has sought to put a spin on things by producing an upbeat English song about the Lunar New Year.

Tittled The Family Line (A Chinese New Year Song), this catchy track by local band The Animal Parade is centred around a Singaporean woman - probably the only child in a family - who gets pressured by relatives to get married soon in order to "carry on the family line".

If you're looking for a different tune to play on your audio systems this year, this tune may offer you an option for a new playlist in February.

Stomp contributor Tat Jin sent in the music video of this track and wrote:"This video is hilarious. It has hit more than 7,000 views in just two days."

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