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Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014


Parliament going into recess at a time of transition for Singapore: PM Lee

The Straits Times | Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014

SINGAPORE - Parliament is taking a mid-term break at a time when the country is in transition, and adjusting to new domestic needs while navigating an uncertain international environment, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Tuesday.

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Here is PM Lee's Facebook post in full:

Parliament prorogues (i.e. takes a mid-term break) today until 16 May.

Parliament has been busy these past 2½ years. We have had vigorous and valuable debates on our White Papers on Ministerial Salaries and Population.

We have passed Budgets that include major economic and social policies, including the Pioneer Generation Package, GST Vouchers, and Workfare enhancements. MPs have filed many questions to obtain information, press for actions, and solve their voters' problems.

Parliament is where the most important national issues are debated and decided.

Our sittings are not as fiery as some other legislatures, but the duty of government is to manage affairs responsibly and soberly, and not to create entertainment and excitement.

Singapore is in transition. We are adjusting to new domestic needs while navigating an uncertain international environment.

When Parliament re-opens on 16 May, we will hear the President's Address, and discuss strategies for creating a brighter future and a better Singapore for all. - LHL

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